Something Magical About A Man

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This is the story of a man and his wife. They are driving on the highway and suddenly they don't know where they are. As it is te man's duty to find out, he feels the pressure.

Something magical

There is something magical when a man is about to ask for a direction. You think that he would go straight to a person and ask for help. NO. He finds a dozen different ways to avoid a confrontation with this unexpected and not so "friendly" person. His wife looks at him as would he be four years old. She opens the car door in order to ask for directions herself. The man shouts her to come back, saying that this is his responsibility, and he will fix it.

So, my friend, you cannot rely on this kind of straightforward form of orientation.

What is our hero thinking? Has he come up with some earthshattering idea how to find the right direction? Perhaps he should send out his wife to recognise the environment and to find out where they actually were. As everyone knows, a man almost never admit when he is wrong. This time it is quite clear that he has painted himself in a corner. Now he has to wait until the "paint is dry." They say that men are from March and women from Venus. May be that' s true. Anyway we often speak a different language.

GPS Is The Perfect Idea

When the wife returns, the GPS is already on. The wife looks at her husband asking: "Now, what?"
"I thought we could get the advice of the GPS", the husband answers slowly. "So that's what you are thinking," she says with an ice-cold voice. "Think again, my dear, think again."

Mission Impossible

It goes on like this for about ten, fifteen minutes. In the meantime all the persons they possibly could have asked for a direction are gone, disappeared.
"What do you intend to do now?" The woman asks frosty. "And don't give me the GPS treat again".
He feels that he is shrinking, and he cannot know how on earth he happened to be in this situation. All they had to do was to ask someone for a direction. Could that be too hard? He could certainly have managed. When she hadn't interfered. But no, as usual she had to know better and look where we landed. No one to ask. No address for the GPS. In fact, it was useless for the time being. I hope there would be a store in the area where he could get some rusks. If they come from a local bakery, you can find out where you are, looking at the package. That isn't true today. Those days when a local factory made a product with the local name on it are long gone.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th May 2013 (#)

Man's ego plays a part though better to leave this matter in the domain of wife. Facts of life! siva

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author avatar Carl J Johnson
6th May 2013 (#)

Dear Siva,
Thank You very much for your comment. I appreciate it.

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