Some thoughts on overcoming mental obstacles by facing them

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Some personal stories about the importance of overcoming obstacles in the mind

Overcoming obstacles in the mind

I am about to embark on... dare I say it... can I commit to it?... running training. Whilst lounging in a local park, iphone in hand, doing some business research - okay, okay, catching a few rays, I spotted a local womens' running group. It was ''women only'', as the steely female coach pointed out to the male enquirer who was clearly trying to chat her up- before reeling off her business details in true self-employed go-getter style (this woman knew her elevator pitch!) The members all looked a little more lumpy than lithe, but I did admire them for having ventured out and for taking on that hilly course - not for the faint hearted. I felt slightly guilty for not being involved, so sloped off (get it?) then promptly got to work on my 'daily walk' for the day - I took it on briskly and Katherine Hepburn style - she did love a good walk didn't she?

You see I'm at the beginning of my training programme, where luckily walking is listed as an alternative to jogging - yes, really. What I'm battling with though is a long-held mental block where the whole running trend is concerned - have you seen how many joggers there are these days, oh it is a trend. Firstly, as a teenager I ran competively, which included being taken on runs by my Father, an ex army corporal - you get the picture. These runs as I recall were NOT fun, although I do have a memory of coming across actual military trainees hiding in the bushes in the park one evening. It was all very James Bond and rather thrilling - even though I was a little too young to appreciate their fine physical forms. I also have found memories of eating beans or spaghetti on toast every Tuesday night before running training at the stadium - or was that after? - I'm sure we were very diligent in these things, I had spikes and everything. So the first mental obstacle to my adult training is just that, being pushed by my Dad in those early years. The second is the fact that I wet myself once (tmi?) during a year 7 P.E lesson, where we had to run a few laps of the track with the sadistic teachers looking on. The subsequent part of the lesson was, omg, long jump, where on landing in the sand, I found that it stuck to the wee on my little white shorts - the ones you can happily wear at the age of 11 before the lumps and bumps arrive. Sad times. So that would be the second mental block, the third is the fact that I had my 'fastest girl' title whipped away during sixth form, where after failing to train for sports day, I was pipped to the post in the 100m. Oh the very shame of it! In my defence I had been working on other things - house captain of music duties, drama, well, boys were also a distraction I'm sure. Another obstacle is a memory of competing in a race at the stadium, and being asked ''what's your time?' constantly. I was then beaten by a 9 year old, after which the milk I had glugged down on that hot day repeated on me and I threw up. Joking (and trauma) aside, those events are now these giant balloons I have to burst, or maybe are more like pinatas to be attacked with vigour and full force - hi - YA!. I need to surmount these obstacles, and relegate them to the dusty pages of my personal history. That is if I am ever to have a hope of regaining my figure - no, no, it's all about health really (ahem).

The good news is I have my new trainers - trainer shame averted, and some sort of running gear, however don't do well in a legging.... The question is dare I take this challenge on of training for a race (not booked yet, I'll have to get onto that - long story). Hell YEAH, I say, why not? I think this is really going to help me with my overall discipline, and manage my time better. I'm sure, infact I know there are much more fun ways to exercise - salsa, zumba, etc, but I know without this running programme I am liable to stay the same prone-to-eating-too-much cake, round-hipped gal I have been for a good few years now. I know, I know, curves are 'womanly' , but only when in the right places, and muffin tops are definitely NOT.

So in conclusion, there are always certain mental obstacles that have taken residence and put their feet up for a cup of tea and a hobnob in the mind. They just need to be faced and surmounted. I SHALL wear white shorts again!!! - but just need to make sure I use the loo before a run or race this time!


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