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A look at old gadgets, PC's, notebooks ect. and where we are now.

Technological improvement

The other day I was thinking about how technology evolved and was thinking about how many of us including me may take this for granted. I mean just think back about 15 years ago where we were from a technological point of view. Sure technology never stops moving forward but as time goes by it seems that it is moving at a much greater rate. I for one aren’t complaining as I love technology, gadgets and the like.
So I thought I would post some picture just to show how far we have come in such a short period of time.


First up, we all have one or even a few – the cell phone and let’s face it, without it some of us would be lost. The cell phone came a long way, from small black & white screens, big as a brick, with not much more options than to phone someone or use it for self defense, it was exactly that – just a phone. But over the years it developed into something special. Screens now bigger than yester years phones, beautiful & vivid colors. Small, sleek and stylish, tons off useful apps, games, internet connectivity, and multimedia functionality being able to play tons of stored MP3 files (which put the outdated CD walkman to shame), music video’s, radio, voice recording….and the list goes on and on. All this in a little device.


Speaking of CD walkman, check out the picture. From that to the modern multimedia players on the market today. Apple has a huge market share in this with the popular player iPod. (Apple is also doing very well in the phone department with their iPhone)


Next up – the personal computer. According to sources on the internet The first complete personal computer was the Commodore PET introduced in January 1977. It was soon followed by the popular Apple II. Back then the achievements obtained today was unthinkable and merely a dream. Processing power and storage capacities that fits into a small case today took up entire rooms back then.


Some say that the very first portable computer made was the Osborne 1 in 1981, weighing in at 24 lbs and costing $1800 approximately. But in 1983 Manny Fernandez (Gavilan Computer) promoted a machine weighing 9 lbs with 128 meg memory and a touchpad, this is said to be the first “real” laptop fitting the criteria of being portable and being able to be kept on the lap, hence the name laptop. Today however is a different story, with laptops getting faster, bigger, sleeker by the minute.


Long gone are the days of using floppy disks, very unreliable, small capacity and many other disadvantages about it. Most new computers being sold now comes without it as it’s a total waste. Floppy disks made way for CD’s and DVD’s, and today most people own a few flash drive sticks. Never back in the day could have been imagined u will be able to carry a few movie or hundreds of songs or thousands of pictures or documents in such a small “gadget”.

These are only a few examples of everyday items we come into contact with and use day by day and doesn’t even touch on the enormity of technological advances we’ve made. So what lies ahead in the next 20 years? Who knows, but if things continue as now I can’t wait to see!


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