So You're Saying You Never Shop At Walmart?

Helen Stuart By Helen Stuart, 26th Apr 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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really, you're never shopped at Walmart? I find that a tad UNBELIEVABLE. Where else can you buy groceries, house paint, a gun, and microfiber sheets under the same roof?

Well, Next You're Gonna Say You've Never Eaten at McDonalds

People who don't admit to shopping at WalMart are the same people who don't admit to eating at McDonald's. I grew up in a backwards, one horse town in northwest Arkansas which had neither of these fine establishments until I was out of grade school. We did have a discount shopping store, I can't remember the name of it, with blue jeans so hard you could knock a kid out with them after washing them a hundred times. The mascot of this store was a little ghost, announcing prices so low they were "spooky," which is the same way I felt when my mom dragged me into this place to shop for anything. Walmart was a welcome relief to the spooky discount dive. I don't know why it took so long to get one in our town, as we were only an hour and a half from Sam Walton's home town of Bentonville, Arkansas, and Sam Walton sightings were not infrequent in our neck of the woods. "I saw old Sam Walton in his old red pickup at the gas station two days ago," the rumor mill would go, "I asked him when we was gonna get a Walmart here and he said 'Not long from now,' I swear by my old hound dog it's the truth."

Finally the long-promised and long-awaited WalMart store was installed. Times must have better back then or people must have been richer in our town than people I know now, because in Jr. High, it was a cruel taunt for the more "popular" kids to say to less affluent, "you got them jeans at Walmart, didn't you, I know 'cause I seen your Mama shoppin' in there." Or the even more condemning "everything she owns, she got from Walmart." Well, now most of the people I know are proud to buy their stuff from Walmart. It's not a patriotic thing, or a Walmart lovin' thing, it's a proud to be able to have something that's not from the salvation army thing. I still love my Goodwill jeans and jackets, and I do admit, besides the double or triple wash and dry I do on them, I also have a little "purification" ritual I perform for the spiritual cleansing of all used clothes. (It sometimes begins on the way home when I dangle them out the passengers side window, letting the Texas wind whip through them as I chant "Purify, Purify, Purify.") But the comments those thoughtless and course cheerleaders and jocks made were well over thirty years ago, and I am certain that they themselves are now shopping at Walmart almost daily. I can't believe I can still hear those sentiments echoed today in the voices of full on grown ups. Show me someone who doesn't shop at Walmart. I'll show you someone who doesn't leave the house at all.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
26th Apr 2013 (#)

Well, I'm sorry to burst the bubble, but I have never set foot in a Wal-Mart store and I never will. Their exploitation of slave labor in foreign countries, to say nothing of the way they treat their own employees here, is disgusting.

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author avatar Helen Stuart
26th Apr 2013 (#)

thank you for that reminder, Mr. Kinsman. Come to think of it I did know a very intelligent man who had a stroke or a very bad breakdown after being a manager at Walmart for a short time, and he was never able to speak to anyone but his wife again. The unpredictable and unmerciful hours were only one of the problems. I wasn't aware of the slave labor in other countries but will keep it in mind. We do all need to be global citizens.

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author avatar Songbird B
30th Apr 2013 (#)

Your Wal-mart is our Asda here in the UK Helen, and our store is only a basic supermarket without all the extra stock the large stores have on display.
I take Steve's point, but here in the UK, Asda seem to have a really good reputation. They certainly keep loyal staff too.. Loved this page, plus your incredibly infectious humour..You make me smile girl..\0/x

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author avatar Helen Stuart
30th Apr 2013 (#)

smiley face.

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