Smart Phone Slavery

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This article examines our addiction to 'smart phones' and how they are taking away our inherent abilities to reason and comprehend.

Smart Phone Slavery

Smart Phone Slavery
Why are we so dependent upon electronic devices, specifically 'smart phones'? How many people do you actually speak to during the day? How do you feel when you forget your smart phone after leaving home? Do you feel naked? Insecure? Lacking?

Therein lies the problem. We have been tricked to think that we need these devices.The most common response is "..what if it's an emergency!.." Well, what did people do in 1976 if there was an emergency? Did they say "..oh shit..the smart phone hasn't been invented yet...we are lost!" Or did they deal with it by actually speaking to someone and handling the situation? First it was the cell phone. It became indispensable to our lives through creative marketing and slick gadgetry. Then it was the smart phone. It is perceived to be indispensable and the phone portion of it is only secondary! Metro PCS smart phones have horrible signal...yet they have all the web browser capability of a laptop. I have seen the I Phone not provide clear signal when a five year old Motorola Sliver on a pay as you go card worked fine...The average cost of a smart phone under contract can be over $3,000 per year when apps, insurance, carrying cases, etc are added in. A pay- as -you- go unlimited talk and text 'regular' phone costs $50 a month.

Marketing and Apps have been the key to the smart phones. As these useless features increase, the smart phone becomes less of a phone and more of a needless toy. Texting is a great way to communicate however 90 % of all texts are probably unnecessary. "Hey - where u at" ..."Hey - I don't give a shit- stop texting me.." Unnecessary texting..completely useless. The useless texting has increased exponentially among the 18 -24 year old set. Watch any given teenager. Chances are they are needlessly texting their location and actions at the moment. The action is more centered around using a device than communicating any relevant information. They are becoming expert typists on small devices however they are losing the ability to speak. Try talking to them. Or anyone, for that matter that is engrossed in their texting and their apps. You will notice a lack of attention span and a constant glancing to the device...worried about their next text. It is a monumental distraction to real human communication and has lessened our ability to converse. I have seen a family of four at a restaurant on a Friday night all staring at their smart phones and not saying a word to each other. The glow of the phones reflecting off their faces...each in their own little world designed to isolate them from reality.

The smart phone revolution is actually changing our consciousness and how we assemble the world around us. I have worked with and seen people focusing so much of their attention on their smart phones that it would make them appear as indispensable to their lives. We need smart phone withdrawal programs. People need to be helped away from this dangerous idol. The masses are being conditioned to think that if they are not in constant contact, relating every aspect of every second of their day, uploading it to Facebook and knowing every detail of every "friend"- then something is wrong. This is becoming a shift in our human consciousness. As I write this, there are co-workers in my office talking about smart phones and their benefits and draw backs. They do not know I am writing this...

If the smart phone progression is taken to its logical conclusion it will affect the evolution of our species. Imagine 100,000 years from now...Our thumbs are now elongated to twice their normal length. Our vision has become much more accurate for detail at close range...Our ability to speak has dwindled down to audible grunts and groans..Our attention span for human interaction is less than a minute. We no longer trust our gut instinct or have basic survival skills- unless the smart phone tells us to...

Who needs or wants a second by second update to everyone and everything in the universe? What a boring and drab existence that would be..No more mystery about more excitement of the possible..Everything is known immediately and put in a box before you have time for the experience. People are already commenting on things that you wanted to do or see, before you can do or see them. You can feel let down before you even have the chance at the experience! All because some mindless bastard texted you his 'take' on it...Or texted someone else you who told someone that knows you..

Away with these monstrous devices! They are stealing our souls and making us glad for it! They are mortgaging us into a hive mind of the collective. Our natural abilities as human beings are being digitized away in a sweeping tyranny of mind numbing attachment to external devices. Use a phone, trash the smart phone, reclaim your human identity, don't let them turn you into a cyborg!


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author avatar Reni Sentana-Ries
19th Mar 2013 (#)

Brilliantly written, Zarathruster! I could not agree with you more. At one time we had cell phones and even got annoyed at them for the cost and our perceived dependency on them. And now we find ourselves to function just fine throughout our days without those devices.

We are retired people now, and our land line phone at home is really all we need to verbally communicate with anyone through who wishes to speak with us. I would give you 5 stars for this one if I could. Good work!

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