Sidewalk and Hallway Etiquette AKA Common Courtesy

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Sometimes people either are too dumb to know or don't care enough to keep traffic flowing.

Rules of the Pedestrian Lanes

You would think most of the hallway and sidewalk rules are common sense. It comes down to this: keep moving or get out of the way.

1. Don't stand in a hallway where people are moving. I will push you. I don't care if your best friend just talked to her best friend's crush and got some top-secret valuable information. Standing in the hall to text or check your Facebook is not okay.

2. Please keep doorways clear. Again, I will push you. Not only can I not get through, but it's a fire hazard and I don't trust you to notice a fire with a phone in your face.
3. Only take up exactly one half of the hallway or sidewalk. Sidewalks and hallways are two-way, not one way. If you and your friends want to link arms and walk slowly down a hallway or stay equal with your family on a crowded sidewalk, fine. But don't take up the whole width of it!

4. Don't walk slowly. If you are blocking my way, and walking slowly I will do one of three things: remark loudly on whatever conversation you're having in front of me, or I will step on your heels. If I'm running late, I will plow you over.

The point of sidewalks and hallways are getting from one place to another. This works best if it's done in an efficient manner with as few accidents as possible. So let's not make it difficult for people just trying to get to their destination, okay?

What do you think of hallway and sidewalk etiquette?


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Jun 2015 (#)

These are happening more and more by the day in crowded cities. People just bump into you lost as they are peering into their small screens. A new form of "road rage" on the side walks waiting to happen! siva

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author avatar KaraSkinner
15th Jun 2015 (#)

So true. I love my smart phone as much as everyone else, but anything on it can wait until I'm out of the way.

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