Should Mankind Sing or Dance Documentary

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Award winning poetic tribal documentary on the ancient age worldwide subject of : Should mankind sing or dance.

Sing or Dance

Throughout the ancient ages of mankind's evolution, all have wondered about the very big question mingling amongst tribal gatherings, from campfire get togethers to modern day playboy bunny pajama parties : "Should Mankind Sing or Dance" .. I have taken this very important topic further than any man has gone in the annals of time and therefore after many generations of pleasurable thought, I have succeeded to put my indebt research documentations into poetic verse, for all the tribes of every nation of the world to finally reach some relieving self realization of the pondering, wandering, wondering within the deep darkness of ones ancient ancestral mind.

Within the ancient history of the four humor human cultures, we must look at this earth song & dance documentary as the chyme of ancestral digestion within the consumption of a common environmental timing. In finding a better way within a dwindling population. The popularity of natural pleasure wanting existence may have played a key role in desiring the evolution of time. Forth if we exist now our tribal ancestors where then, by the logic of genetic thought. There forth if an ancient being thought, what if song & dance has no thought beyond all logical reason guiding us. Therefore this indebt documentation shall try to explain what is going on within the unknown creative mind of the universe questioning if we as a species are being guided like some song & dance to somewhere we do not want to go and feeling good about it at the time we are doing what ever song & dance is.

We must therefore reference certain common archeological knowledge, for example the known dinosaurs ruled in playful popularity on planet earth for about 130 million years before the incarnation of time has taken them somewhere else to play. I should further note that the planet earths historical demography population at 70,000 BC is believed to be about 15,000 similar human species inhabitants, this is approximately at the time of these unverified undocumented tribal pioneers filmed in reality as live as solar silica gem memoirs imbedded in rocks that rolled in time within these memoir documentary videos.

Therefore I question myself as I question you : "Should Mankind Sing or Dance"

Please enjoy pleasure and spontaneous comment, as this is not my personal topic, it is the topic of every being, culture and nation throughout generations of creations. Excuse the documented video quality, as some may believe they are very old ancient beings taken live at the time and stored in the big memoir cave.

Wander and Ponder

Inspirations exhilarations
wonderings why, when, where
shall we ever understand
lost somewhere in time
find this, find that
when, where, why

can common be the sane
who are you, why am I
guiding to want nothing
struggling desperation says no
is it for me and only I know
therefore what is beyond
a common simple day

have I no desire, no reason
is all pleasure despair
gather one, many of the same
is all no different to be sane
find me, know me, help me
be better than now
somewhere in time

Gather as One

together we know
alone we find
how to say, how to do
who are you, who am I
what to be, what to become
now, then, when
can you do and I do too
try to explain all alone as one

something beyond
enlightenment moves me
sounds explain sensual sensations
you and me, yet others may know
doing the same, going somewhere in time

nature flows, rivers know
beyond sacred needs
do this, do that, then do it fast
someday to know
that pleasure flows
spiritual reasons unknown
what is good, what is bad
me or you or together as two

Show Me You

what can you do as you
and can I do it too
letting all others go we flow
moving beyond tones unknown
no words, no reason is the same
if this be for me, it be for thee
but what of others that can not do
show them ways that can be true
flowing showing tones beyond our time
pleasure of one becomes pleasure of two
the more one knows what to do

A Time for Everything

now I move with flowing grace
what is good for me is good for you
sounds react, but you do too
different ways are still the same
but then again its not to blame
for what you can do is for two
and only time tells us when
if I can do, I can do for you
and you can do it too
but then again when
to want to do
everytime for two
because I am not you

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
16th Dec 2013 (#)

most fascinating and I see you know very well how to add videos..

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author avatar Mick Moogie
16th Dec 2013 (#)

carol, the ancient tribal videos are all party of the intense ancient documentary research to verify what the poetry tries to explain .. the poetry you inspired me with the other night at 3:30 in the morning after Ur is the real key here of this format in reference to our last conversation of easy flow for those that already know it all and do it quick .. thank you again for your inspirations that save nations .. my bio-feedback karma is a lot better now that I know how to interact with others thanks to you .. did I mention my mother was a registered astrologist growing up ...

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author avatar joyalariwo
18th Dec 2013 (#)

lnteresting article Mick, thanks for sharing, as for the question, I'll answer with another question, why can't man do both?

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author avatar Mick Moogie
20th Dec 2013 (#)

'joy you got the name for it .. many feel man is possessed with the seeds of time and is trying to self control earth funny energy with the eistein humor theory, while at the same time being one doing one thing at a time he works on surviving, constructing a future of more than he can do now .. he therefore sing sings up a relationship with someone dancing around the whole issue hoping someday the seeds fun energy will give him the song and dance of his life'

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author avatar Mick Moogie
20th Dec 2013 (#)

'VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE .. Due to the popu'larity' of this topic, a international update may have come in as I was informed by bio-feedback that an update video may exist previous to the unverified 75,000 BC video depicted in this documentary.. well aren't we learning important things as we go along in time ..

I don't want to put my foot in my mouth or give a modern professional singer an ancestral sore foot song dancing around this important modern issue, butt ...

An Ancient Tribal Vegan Musical Archeology research group headed by the likes of Ringo Starr, Dennis Quaid, Shelly Long, Barbara Bach supposedly has discovered, mankind's 1st singing sound was reacted thru a late night touch sensation exhilaration commonly known as a tickle feeling reaction. the video in the ancient memoir cave thou is very old and dark, probable filmed by moonlight that can't verify who they are or exactly what they are doing as it is believed very few beings where on the planet at the time, thou not fully verified by anyone as only a few have seen it and felt it, therefore it is believed by vegan tribal evolution archeologist that logically physiologically a tickle here and a tickle there makes you really want to sing & dance ..

The party depicted in mankind's 1st rock & roll song video in this documentary shown may actually be an early earth alien union work crew commonly known as 'Sing Sing' where the word song came from .. this 'Sing Sing' video was classified just previous to the ice age
when all the assets on earth where frozen and mankind got his bering strait, and walked into the new world ..

On another note don't try this at home unless you have your parents permission and no dinosaurs where hurt in theses videos .....

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author avatar Kingwell
24th Dec 2013 (#)

Thank you for a very interesting article. Happy Holidays.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
10th Jan 2014 (#)

amazing and enlightening....:0)!...bravo and encore my new friend

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