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One day he went to his master and asked, `Sir, please give the some other name. I don't like this name'.

Affectionate explained his experiences

Once upon a time there lived a scholar in Hyderabad. He had five hundred pupils. Among them `affectionate' was one. He was loved by one and all. That's why the pupils were calling him `affectionate'. But the `affectionate' was in agony. Why such a name to me? He had thought many times.
One day he went to his master and asked, `Sir, please give the some other name. I don't like this name'.
`I accept. But you do one thing. You go to the places of your own interest. Then come to me. I shall change your name' the teacher replied.
Affectionate toward many villages. One day he was in the outskirts of a town. He saw four people carrying a dead body.
Affectionate asked one of the wayfarers, `What was his name? He is dead'.
`life' the passer by replied.
`Then does life die?' asked the affectionate.
`Why not? You call a person life or death he has to die one or the other day. The name of a person is only to identify' he replied.
Affectionate entered the town. He saw there in front of a house a lady beating her maid servant.
`Madam' kind you are. From tomorrow I shall do my work sincerely. Do not beat me' the maid servant prayed.
Affectionate intervened, `Mother, what is her fault? why are you beating her?
`Who are you to ask? she is my maid servant. I told her to go and earn. She has come back with bare hands' the lady replied.
Affectionate gave her a coin, `please take this coin. Tomorrow she will get you money. Today you leave her' he said.
At that moment a way fares who came there said, `her name is Sampath Lakshmi. But she is not even capable of earning even a day's coolie',.
Affectionate understood that there in nothing in a name. He decided to return to his native.
He met a person on the way. He asked him to show the way to Hyderabad as he has missed the route.
`Is it so? Come with me. I am also going to Hyderabad.' affectionate said.
They walked further. Affectionate asked his name.
`Guide' he said.
`Guide! Then how did you miss the route?'
`My name may be guide. But it is quite natural to miss the route' he replied.
Affectionate had learnt a lesson. He returned to Hyderabad and saw his teacher.
`Affectionate, shall I change your name? The teacher asked.
Affectionate explained his experiences and said,
`No sir, what's there in a name? I am satisfied with the name what I have now. Let there be no change'. Affectionate replied and proceeded to his further studies.


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Interesting post my friend, cheers!

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