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A list of sayings to make one think and to provide the light side of life to the readers. It explores lots of cliches and looks at it in different ways

Catching the laughing fever

Here are some sayings to think about:-

(1) There is no such things as an "any key" on a PC keyboard

(2) If the saying "keep your friends close but your enemies closer" is true then if your
best friend is closest to you, does that make him or her your enemy as well?

(3) They say "once a thief always a thief", which was true for me until I forgot how to
steal hearts

(4) It is practically impossible to "kill two birds with one stone" unless you kill one bird
with a stone and the other one dies from a heart attack

(5) Isn't it amazing that with three letters (pig) we have something that is so filthy and
disgusting but if we add three letters to that (eon) we then have something so
beautiful and adorable?

(6) They say "dynamite comes in small packages" but then howcome it takes more that
one package to blow me away?

(7) An empty complex can still be regarded as a home if it is filled with love

(8) Love is blind, but then why isn't everyone blind?

(9) Beauty is skin deep but what if you have a skin condition?

(10) If for every lie one's nose gets longer then some lawyers, some sales people and
some business people may have noses which expand half the circumference of the

(11) "Kiss the girls and make them cry" will only happen if you are a lousy kisser.

(12) If I only had a rand for everytime these politicians change their story to get
themselves out of trouble I could have retired at the age of twelve.

(13) There is just a slight difference between con artists and friends that turn out to be
enemies: both of them stab us in the back, but the difference lies in the sharpness
of the knives

(14) I may have a hole in my heart, but I'm still full of wholesome goodness.

(15) Giving someone incompatible half your heart is proof that it isn't always that
two halves add up to one.

(16) The only way for some people to stand tall is to sit on someone else's head.

(17) "You can take a horse to the water but you can't make it drink", especially if the
water is from a dirty lake.

(18) You say you passed maths, I say at which corner did you pass maths?

(19) The only thing I'd love to have thrown at me is food or fruit.

(20) Time flies faster when you are asleep than when you are having fun.

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16th Apr 2012 (#)

I enjoyed many of these, but some must come from other cultures.

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