Ryan the Gas Station Guy and the Ice Cream Adventure

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Innocent girl tries to buy ice cream and gets caught in an epic battle.

Ryan the Gas Station Guy and the Ice Cream Adventure

It was a dark and stormy night one wild and crazy night in October (actually it was June, but I’m quoting 101 Dalmatians). After getting off work at the Dots, I decided to stop at the local gas station and buy some ice cream. And no, I hadn't had any at work that day.

Upon arriving at the gas station, I realized to my dismay that the only person working there that night was the 'creepier than the sort of creepy Cecil' guy, Ryan. Hoping he wouldn't notice I was there, I snuck in as stealthily as I could.

Once I was in the door, I darted toward the freezer, which I knew from experience was where my favorite Chocolate Éclairs were kept. When I reached the freezer, I opened the door as quickly as I could and snatched my fill of the yummy ice cream. To my misfortune, this particular freezer of interest happened to be located right next to the counter, where creepier than creepy Ryan was lurking.

Now, if creepy looks were worth anything, this guy would be a millionaire. Frozen in place by the look of doom I was receiving, I hardly noticed my savior enter the gas station through the sliding glass doors. This mystery person, though he entered rather silently, caused enough of a distraction as to relieve me from my petrified state.

Though chance of escape was slim, I seized the opportunity to flee. Knowing I didn't have much time, I did the only thing that came to mind. Getting a firm grip on my ice cream so as not to loose it in the battle, I dove for cover behind the nearest aisle of popcorn. I knew Ryan had once again fixed his gaze upon my location, because the popcorn nearest me had begun to sizzle and pop.

In a mad dash for freedom, I dashed from my hiding place of buttery and salted corn toward the direction of the exit. On my way, I thrust my hand into my pocket and retrieved a jaggle of coins, which I then flung in the general direction of Creepy Creep. One of the sacrificial coins must have hit Ryan in the eye at some point during my dash, because I heard him scream in pain.

I chanced a single look back to find Ryan clutching at his eyeball and flailing his limbs about. Not caring what happened to him, and hoping his laser vision would be destroyed by the blow from the nickel, I continued to flee until I was nearly a block away.

All of my fears faded away instantly, however, when I discovered my Chocolate Éclair still gripped in my hand. Then I realized the battle had all been worth it. That was the best ice cream I've ever tasted.


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