Rough Livings

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An appreciation of how easy we have things in modern day life.

Hard places breed hard people

Folks, we have it good.

Technology, social and political advancements are to thank for that.

It is because of these technological and social advancements that make me think just how badass the people living in previous eras were.

Animals you were trying to hunt for food physically FOUGHT you.

The weather had it out for you and was constantly trying to kill you in one manner or another.

Hell, those people were LIVING a Game of Thrones. Wars were being waged on such a frequent basis that it would be odd to wake up on a day without conflict.

Need to travel long distances? You might as well start walking…I mean, those guys went all Old Testament with the distances they traveled by foot. That’s some Jesus level of gangster.

Got the flu or some type of viral infection? You were fucked as there were no vaccines.

People were basically doing volunteer work since almost ALL their wages went to some sort of tax

Need medical attention for a wound? Suck it up, you baby!

Quiche? Red Velvet cake? Black Forest cake? Fried Chicken? A Grade Beef? Radio? Television? Smartphones? Laptops? Facebook? Tablets? I Phones? YouTube? Selfies? Video games? INTERNET?!?!?!


These were the days when alcohol was made of things that could KILL people.

There were no such things as being politically correct, in fact, the only thing correct was the Church.

Mental illnesses were being DRILLED out of people’s skulls.

There was no “innocent until proven guilty” back in those days.

No prisons to serve out your sentence, just a snap of the neck or a severing of the head.

Books were of the size of a microwave.

If you thought a doctor’s handwriting was bad, you would have gone mad at the sight of the handwriting of those days. Reading and understanding a simple NOTE would have required the type of code breaking skills the C.I.A looks for in their recruits.

Designer brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Prada? Nope, more like corsets, hoop skirts and berthas.

And to top it off, all the debauchery, hedonism, and mayhem you could think of because (get this);

You could buy forgiveness for your sins...

Yup. The people living in those days were fucking Terminators.


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