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While the rivalry of some brings hatred and fight, The rivalry of the characters in this content brings joys and laughter.


An 8 year old boy was riding his bicycle when he saw his friend being attacked by a large pit bulldog. The boy jumped off his bike, ran and jumped at the dog's bag. After prying the animal's teeth from his friend's body, he put the dog on a choke hold and held until the dog was dead.

The newspaper editor happened to witness this feat and after calling for an ambulance with his cell phone, ran over to the young hero and said "Son, that was one of the bravest things i have ever seen. You are going to make tomorrow's headline and it will read: Young chelsea fan is a hero: Risks life to save friend from vicious pit bulldog"

The young hero said "But i'm not a chelsea fan"

"Then the headline will read: Young Arsernal fan saves friend from bulldog attack"

The young hero said " I am not an Arsernal fan"

" Ok, then it will read: Young Real Madrid fan saves friend from a bulldog attack"

The young hero still interrupted and said " I am not a Real Madrid fan"

The editor, becoming somewhat irritated, then asked " Who is your favourite team?"

The kid replied with a big smile and said "The Georgia Bulldogs!!!"

The next morning, the local newspaper headline reads:


Two professors, who were also hunters, hired a pilot to fly them to their destination to hunt moose. They bagged four.

While loading the plane for the return trip home, the pilot tells them that the plane can take only two moose.

The professors objected stating " last year, we shot four moose and the pilot allowed us to put them all on board and he had the same plane as yours"

Relunctantly, the pilot gave in and the all four were loaded.

Unfortunately, even at full power, the little plane was unable to carry the load and crashed after few minutes of take off.

Climbing out of the wreck, one professor asked the other " Any idea where we are?"

He replied " I think we are pretty close to where we crashed last year"


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