Reality's great mystery, the finest riddle they make

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Almost everybody, and I do mean almost everyone loves mysteries and surprises. But, like revealing that irritatingly elusive genuine formula for Coca-Cola or the thirteen original herbs, spices and batter cooking recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken before the big corporate people stole the recipe. We all genuinely want to know what makes reality, reality really. The small everyday mysteries of this life are not an exception, but a rule about what we all want to find out. Take a walk with me.

The Great X-Ray Debate, The secret weapon, the UFO, all of that, and all of that.

What is the great mystery behind x-rays and psychic phenomena anyway. Is reality really a palatable, see-through dance of energy and thought. Or is it solid pragmatism? Who knows. All I know is that, reality works beyond what we think it works. Is does it all come down to Harry "Simple" Truman, or is it the deepest, simplest debate there is? Well, I wish I could say "the world is flat, that's that, all questions are answered easily." But, even when everything genuinely is figured out, reality will have more in store, everybody and myself can feel, for the reality of the x-ray is the "X factor" of advancement. Get to one level and there will be more. Existence when you think about it is an infinite unending gradient scale of that.

What is the next secret weapon of choice or compulsion. Nuclear bombs, anti gravity and more. The next level will be the next level, but the next level always ends with our awareness of the next level. In the next section after this one, I mention Harold Morrow Sherman, a big answerer of some of those questions. ESP, X-rays, the secret weapon, the UFo, and all the debate over what is real or not. I say, nothing unreal or outside of reality exists, even the "unbelievable" or "inconceivable". What is, is may be a fact. But there is always more to vibration, and reality than meets the eye as we shall see. Why debate, when there is so much to understand before we debate "what we know."

Harold Morrow Sherman

In the 1940s when extra sensory perception or ESP was gaining ground as a genuine sixth sense, and telepathy was being experimented with as an adjunct to the reality of this sixth sense, Harold Morrow Sherman wrote a book called "Thoughts Through Space" with Sir Hubert Wilkins the Arctic explorer as his co-author and test subject. There is more to this reality we live in that just sitting in an everyday boredom of work, home and less. What we do not see is the most interesting part of reality in fact. If it was not, then energy could not be manipulated, and that desk you are sitting at and those atoms really are solid and unchangable. That life does not go on, it just stands still without the energy moving somehow. Do you get my drift?

Sure, I could sit here and be humorous, light-hearted and banter without being meaningful. But, if I cannot help you grow in power and understanding, what would be the point?

If you said "nothing", that is exactly right. If you said, "I would rather you did not make a point and give me something that I am comfortable with like in the 'daily rag' or something." Boy, you would be off, way off. They say that the teacher appears when the student is ready. Considering Harold Sherman's record, and Joseph Banks Rhine's records of uncovering the real reality of what is vibrating "beyond", we all cannot help but automatically redefine the limitations of reality, can we?

Maybe the "what you see is what you get" philosophy is best for some who would misuse everything. But for those who would use it right, that's the honest truth, the teacher appears when the student is ready. I could have named this section, "Old Harry S. Truman, and that is all there is" and really put the "wow" on everybody with this information (How is that for humor?), but I decided to warn everyone in a way what this would be about through the title of this section. So, before I go on to the next section, I ask this question "uncomfortably": Are you ready to be hit square in the eyes with reality? Sure, it will be laced with humor, but it is still reality nonetheless, deep reality.


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