Presents in Little Brown Bags

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A true story about life's disappointment for little girls.

The tale

When my little girl was around six years old we lived in a very kid friendly street. There were seven little girls on the street and they liked to play together; that day they were at my house.
Little girls liked to play dress up, they believed in fairy tales and Prince Charming. I had just given them a snack of crackers and cheese, juice and green seedless grapes. They were impressionable and always excited. My husband came home from a business trip. He was happy to see us and dropped his briefcase in the hallway as he came into the kitchen to see me.
He told me he had a present for me. Needless to say all seven of the little girls rushed into the kitchen to see what he had brought me.
I am sure in their little minds and in their imagination they thought he was going to present to me a diamond tiara or something shiny and gorgeous. Their eyes were as large as saucers, they were excited!
He carried the little brown paper bag into the kitchen, the girls moved closer to see …. and then he put his hand into the bag and pulled out a dustpan with a rubber sweep on it.
The look on those little girl’s faces was priceless…. The shock and disappointment was clearly visible!
I felt so bad for them. I had received other presents from my husband of a similar nature so I wasn’t surprised; but I was sorely saddened for those little girls on my street.
They were clearly that day and I am not sure if they ever totally recovered.


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author avatar Songbird B
14th Mar 2014 (#)

Oh dear, how we used to dream as children and how life sometimes disappoints as we grow into
This made me smile..

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