Prank On The Hitchhiker?

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One of the most amusing events of my hitch hiking days

Trying to get there

As a teenager in the middle 60's, I had no options for travel except hitch hiking. With no driver's license nor car, and an erratic bus line, it was my only option. It was a safe option in those days, and I was never in any danger.

Hitch hiking explained

This was the procedure: walk down the road, backward, with the right arm extended and the thumb stuck out, hand with the palm up. Those driving by could choose to ignore the hitch hiker or stop and give them a ride to wherever they were going, if it was on their way, or as far as would be beneficial for the hitch hiker

Two girls and a little red car...

One morning I planned to go somewhere, so I proceeded to walk down the road with my thumb out, hoping for a ride. In a short while, a small red car with 2 teen aged girls pulled to the side of the road to offer me a ride. The car was an Opel GT, a two-seater with a large, sloping back window, under which was a place to store luggage or other items. It was the ONLY place where I could possibly fit inside the car!

The Ride

The girl who had been riding on the passenger side of the car pulled the seat forward so that I could get in, and then put it back in place so that she could get back in. I lay in the carpeted area behind the two girls, under the sloped back window, curled in a fetal position. From the front, I heard occasional giggles or snickers from the girls as we went on down the road. They were enjoying this 'prank' they had pulled on me! I laughed as well, because even though this was their idea of a joke or something funny, I was on my way to where I was going, and that was all that mattered!


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