Petros ate Futurelife on his birthday!!!! Boooo-hoooo-hoooooooo!!!!!!

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Be careful what you eat on your birthday. You might not realize what kind of an effect it has on your loved ones.

Petros ate Futurelife on his birthday!!!! Boooo-hoooo-hoooooooo!!!!!!

Mother, Father and I are in their chambers in the West Wing, when Elmarie calls on Mother's phone and Mother takes the call.

Elmarie is in tears like a mad woman, crying on the phone to Mother.

Apparently some woman who used to work at the school she runs, asked for six months leave so that she could go study the Montesori somethingorother. It's some kind of syllabus type that Elmarie's school follows.

So, the woman went, but it was of course paid leave (only at half rate fortunately) so that Elmarie doesn't lose this woman. The understanding was that the woman will go study and then come back to work even better equipped for her position at Elmarie's school. Elmarie kept her position open all this time.

But, on the very first day the woman is back, she leaves a note for Elmarie: She's leaving Elmarie's school for a better position somewhere else. She also adds the rubbish phraze, "God is calling me to (so and so)".

Elmarie was insanely angry, because Elmarie paid for this woman to go study and then this woman decides to go work for the competition.

But another thing that makes her cry insanely to Mother, is Petros. It was Petros' birthday the other day, and when she called him the next day and asked what he did for his birthday, thinking that he had a party the evening of his birthday, he said he was home eating Futurelife. Futurelife is a cereal.

I wonder if Elmarie knows Futurelife is a cereal, or if she thought he meant he was yearning for a better, future life.

"Doesn't he know what he does to us!!!", whines Elmarie so loud over the phone that I can hear everything.

After the call, we laugh about her outburst of Futurelife. What was so bad about eating Futurelife on your birthday?

Father says it's because it's so sad that Petros has no more friends to go out with and celebrate his birthday, that he now has to stay in and eat Futurelife cereal.

Well I didn't see much wrong with it, but it's probably because I also couldn't get friends together for a birthday party. Well I probably could, but usually I don't want to. I'd rather just also stay home and eat Futurelife.

But beware, Futurelife-eater; unbeknownst to you, you might be causing utmost pain and emotional distress to your family members, with your eating Futurelife on your birthday instead of painting the town red!


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