Peter Parker goes to Hogwart part 7

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My life wasn't going too well from the start. Now, a spider bit me on my arms and a big bad Hagrid came crashing to my house and told me that I am a wizard. The problem is, my name wasn't Harry Potter. My name was Peter Parker.

Let's go to the train station!!!

I walked toward the train station with my larger than life luggage trunk by my side. Hagrid mysteriously disappeared from sight after giving me a ticket. I didn't know where my pet owl fly off to but I wasn't sad. I generally hated an owl before Hagrid the heartless brute bought me one. I sighed in relief and walked, searching for platform 9 and 3 quarter. There is platform 8 and 9 but I can't find a platform 9 3/4 in here. Is this some kind of a prank. There was a fat guy with a fat black suit standing near a train, giving instruction to people. I decided to ask him.

" Excuse me sir, " I inquired. " Can you please tell me how to get to platform nine three quarter. "

" Platform nine and three quarter? " he looked at me in disbelief. " You think you're funny don't you, you little punk. "

" But -, " I protested.

" NO but, I will kill you if you stand in front of me anymore. Scram you little groovy pants, " he barked.

I walked away. People in London are extra-friendly toward kids. Arghh. Now I'm beginning to get mad. I didn't even say goodbye to Aunt May because the giant brute told me to hurry. Now he left me all alone with a non-exist platform ticket in my hand and non-so-friendly people all around me.

Then, a miracle happened.

A bunch of red-heads walked in line while screaming and whistling. The fat, short women in front, probably the mother for the red-heads, screamed, " Muggle sucks. Let's go to Platform 9 and 3 quarter. "

I followed them, knowing fully well that somebody who looked like an idiot in human world would most probably be a wizard in the wizarding world. And the ginger-head family really looked like a bunch of idiots, with their saggy clothes and uncombed hairs.

They stopped in front of a brick wall and looked around, making sure that nobody is watching. And then, something happened. Something that will haunt my mind forever.

One of her son ran toward the brick wall with his luggage in his hand and...... disappeared into the wall. I blinked my eyes totally three times. Then another boy ran toward the brick wall and disappeared. Then another and another, until there were only three people left in her family. Before her last son can run toward the brick wall, I reached toward them. The women looked at me, surprised.

" Err, how do I get to platform nine and three quarter, ma'am, " I asked.

" Oh, that's easy my dear boy. You just run into the brick wall and voila, platform nine and three quarter in front of you, " she explained in happy-go-lucky tone.

I gulped and looked at the giant brick wall. Nobody seemed to notice us. I closed my eyes and began to push my luggage forward as fast as I can. I basically ran toward the giant wall like a crazy psychotic little kid.

Everything was dark for a moment as I entered the wall. Then light shone brightly into my eyes. I can't believe it. I ran through a friggin wall. I was totally in different dimension. Wizards were everywhere. I saw a very big and classic looking train in front of me.

It's called Hogwart Express. And I was starting to question my sanity.

To be continued......


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