Peter Parker goes to Hogwart part 6

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My life wasn't going too well from the start. Now, a spider bit me on my arms and a big bad Hagrid came crashing to my house and told me that I am a wizard. The problem is, my name wasn't Harry Potter. My name was Peter Parker.

The Chosen Wand!!

Again, we walked through the horde of crowd. Hagrid forced me to take some gold from the bank which at first I declined to do so. I was feeling guilty, all right. It was probably the real Harry Potter's gold and getting my hands on it seemed like stealing. But in the end, after Hagrid the brute threatened me to be fast or else - I pressed a bit of the gold coin into my pocket.

Even though a part of me wanted the day to end, another part of me was excited as hell. I am going to buy a wand. Do you know what a wand is? It's a simple little stick with magical features. You can make a rabbit come out from your hat. You can make a women float in the air. You can turn a cat into a bird. And many more if you have a wand.

I learned all that by reading a book called ' How to become a magical millionaire for Dummies ' and it was written by the infamous David Copperfield.

Anyway, suddenly Hagrid stopped walking and said, " You go first Harry, I have a business to attend. " Then he pointed at a shop and told me to go there.

The shop was tall. Not huge, not big, just plain tall. And it was probably more than four floor high. There was a ' Ollivanders Wand Shop ' signboard placed on the shop. I reached toward the door and went inside.

The shop was fairly bright with light and it was warm inside. I sighed in relief. At least the shop was quiet and not crowded. And there were no Goblins either. I was the only one standing in the shop.

" Hello, " I called.

There were no answers. I walked toward the counter and patiently stood there. After about 15 minutes, a figure emerged from the side door. He was an old man, probably in his 50's. His face was wrinkled and his hair was messy and white in colour. He stood in front of the counter, his eyes were wide and pale.

A personal note : Shop owner in wizarding world doesn't seem like to enjoy having a customer.

He studied me for a while and his eyes stopped at my forehead for a moment. His already wide eyes became even more wider. His expression showed me that he was shocked to see me. Why is everybody reacting like this when they see my forehead where Hagrid brutally drew a scar with his magic pen. I had tried to erase it but haven't had much of a success.

" You are Harry Potter, " he croaked.

" Yes sir, " I lied.

" And you came to buy a wand. "

" Yes, sir. "

" In my shop. "

I was beginning to get annoyed. " Yes, siiiiiiir, " I hissed.

He flashed a smile and said, " I wondered when I would be seeing you Mr Potter. "

" So how do I buy a wand? " I asked.

" Wait here a minute, Mr Potter. " Then, he ran inside his side door again and came out holding a small box.

" I have already know what kind of wand will suit you, " he placed the box on my hand. The box was feather-weight and I opened it's cover. A surge of electricity surged into my body. I stopped for a moment and realized that there were a wand inside the box. I took it gently and another surge of electricity rushed into my body. I looked at the old man in disbelief and he looked at me. We traded look.

" What are you looking at me for, give it a wave, " he ordered.

I waved the wand and all hell broke loose. The old man flew backward and crashed into a giant pile of boxes. Shelves fell on the floor. Glass exploded. The ground cracked and I ran out, only to be stopped by Hagrid.

" For god's sake, what are you running for? " he demanded.

" The wand - old man - crashed-, " I stuttered.

" Forget about that. Have you got your wand? "

I nodded.

" Good. Now see what I have brought for you. "

In all those panic, I didn't realize that he was holding something in his hands. He was holding a cage. And inside the cage, an animal was sitting angrily. I flinched. Hagrid was holding the only animal I feared the most. He was holding an animal that came out from my worst nightmare. He was holding an owl.

" Happy birthday, Harry. "

To be continued......


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