Peter Parker goes to Hogwart part 5

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My life wasn't going too well from the start. Now, a spider bit me on my arms and a big bad Hagrid came crashing to my house and told me that I am a wizard. The problem is, my name wasn't Harry Potter. My name was Peter Parker.

Money in the Bank!!

I wish I had eight more friggin' eyes. The bank was majestic and it seemed like it was built with gold. Luxuries light illuminated the hall. Goblins were walking almost everywhere, which was both fun and scary to watch. Hagrid walked forward and I followed. The hall was huge and bright enough to match with normal sunny day. I didn't try to make eye-contact with the Goblins. They would probably kill me if I did. We walked through the hall and reached toward a very huge-looking office desk. A goblin was sitting behind it. It was typing something on it's computer and it's mouth was curled into something that might be a smile.

Wait a minute.

A computer?

How the heck did they get a computer? I decided to ask Hagrid about it later. Hagrid cleared his throat and clapped his hand. The goblin lifted his head in surprise and frowned at us.

" What do you want? " the goblin hissed.

" Mr Harry Potter wishes to make a withdrawal, " Hagrid said.

The goblin seemed surprised for a moment and I realized that he was wearing a spectacle on his eyes. He studied me with his cold eyes, first on my whole image then moved toward my forehead. His eyes looked like as if it was going to pop out of it's socket. Then he said,

" Perhaps Mr Harry Potter have the keys. "

Hagrid checked his pocket and took a small golden key. Then with a swift motion, he threw it to the Goblin's face. It landed right on it's pale cheek. But the goblin didn't even flinch and and gave Hagrid a look which was best be described as a stern look. Then Hagrid the brute moved his hand toward his other pocket and came out with a letter.

" Professor Dumblodore gave me this, " he said, shoving the letter toward the goblin.

The goblin studied the letter and took it. Then he made a gesture toward one of the worker goblin and told him to accompany us to our destination. The worker goblin was probably the shortest among all of the goblins. He brought us toward a tunnel-like section of the building and pointed at a train. We got in and drove further into the tunnel. It was like a journey on a roller-coaster and I really enjoyed it for a moment.

The train screeched and stopped. We got out and I began to wonder if it was underground. It was dark, barely illuminated by a dim light. We stood in front of a vault door. It was the first time I had ever seen one.

" Key please, " the worker goblin asked.

Hagrid gave him the golden key. The worker goblin took it and inserted it into the key-hole. And with a click, he unlocked it. The door opened and my eyes went blind with the sudden surge of light.

Everything was blurry for a second and when my sight became normal, I can't believe what I was seeing. There was nothing in the room except for a round table in the middle. And there was probably thousands of gold, pure yellow eye-splitting gold placed right on the table.

I looked at it in disbelief. Everything seemed like a dream. First, a spider bit me on the arm. Then, a gigantic heartless brute with a beard came crashing to my house and said that I was a wizard. He opened a wall like it was a door. I was introduced to a town and a bank. And inside the bank, a large amount of gold was placed right in front of me.

Hagrid, as humane as he was, said, " Move your ass Harry, grab some gold. We are going to buy you a wand. "


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