Peter Parker goes to Hogwart part 2

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My life wasn't going too well from the start. Now, a spider bit me on my arms and a big bad Hagrid came crashing to my house and told me that I am a wizard. The problem is, my name wasn't Harry Potter. My name was Peter Parker.

Going to the magical town, Diagon Alley!!!

Ouch! I fell from my bed. I had a very bad dream last night involving Hagrid eating me alive. It was my worst nightmare and I really hoped that I would never dream about it ever again.

" Peter, " my grandma called from downstairs.

" Yeah, Aunt May. "

" You have a visitor, Peter. "

Oh sh*t! I totally forgot. That giant brute told me that he was going to bring me to a place called Diagon Alley.

" Tell him I am not at home, " I told Aunt May.

" Hey Harry, get your ass down here! " a rough voice bellowed from downstairs. Crap, Hagrid is in the house.

I went downstairs and found Hagrid sitting on a chair and happily eating Aunt May's hand-made cookies. Probably he stole it from the kitchen. Aunt May was watching TV and paid no attention to the giant visitor. Maybe she thought that Hagrid was a harmless little giant.

I walked toward him. I wasn't that scared of him, mind you. Okay, probably I was a little scared. But I could always call the police if I wanted to. There was something interesting in the name Hogwarts that attracted my attention. There was something magical in it. And that giant brute called me a wizard, which made me even more curious.

" So r' you redey', Harry, " he talked with his mouth full of cookies.

" For the last time, don't call me Harry. My name is Peter Parker. It begins with a P , " I warned.

" Whatever, " he replied boringly. " Let's go. "

I went outside and found a very big-looking bike parked in front of my house. I frowned at it. Hagrid hopped on the bike and said, " Come on Harry, get on. We haven't got all day. "

What the hell. I thought he would come with a car or something. The bike seemed old and rusty and dangerous. It was probably time to call the cops. Before I could go into my house and make a phone call, Hagrid the Giant grabbed me by my collar and started the bike.

Angel of death smiled at me.

To be continued.......


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author avatar GV Rama Rao
19th Oct 2012 (#)

It held my interest. The narrative is good. Awaiting the next part.

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