Personality Insight on E-mail Passwords!

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What does your e-mail password bring to light about you?

This about our e-mail addresses that we choose use and what it says about our personality

Whether it is the name of your first pet or random reordering of the alphabet your e-mail password holds a few secrets about who you are. A password is a glimpse into your thoughts and feelings. While your sign-in remains a secret for your eyes only almost all passwords can be divided into five major categories. Just find were your sign-in password belongs to learn more about the real you.

If your password is the name of celebrity: You are a striving adventurer. Stars whether in Hollywood or athletic a like represent our predominant dreams. Choosing such an inspirational figure as you log-in therefore shows just how much motivation has pervaded your life. A go getter through and through, you make good things happen on day by day basis and will go a long way in this world both literally and figuratively. Indeed, you have a daring, curious streak that ensures your own star status is in the attaché case!

If your password is a fantasy name: You are adaptable and witty. Even though we use them for recreation, computers are perhaps the number one symbol of our modern world. And the fact that you choose a lighthearted made-up name for your password suggests you are able to temper the stresses of daily life and wit and humor. Indeed, no matter what your e-mail brings be it a business memo or a last minute e-vite you are able to roll with the cyber punches because you take life in stride.

If your password is always changing: You are conscientious leader! If you are constantly creating new passwords to keep your private information super-secure then you are uniquely conscientious and vigilant. You are also super-organized making sure each new password is precisely filed away somewhere safe so you will never forget it when it is time to type. This CEO-like efficiency is the quality you bring to the table every day and even if that table does not have a computer on it.

If your password is a mix of numbers and letters: Then you are intellectual privacy-seeker! If your password is a seemingly random collage of numbers and letters then you tend to be more computer-savvy than most by choosing a tough-to-crack code. Indeed, you prize your privacy and coming up with your best ideas in solitude. And if those ideas are super-creative it is not surprising it turns out that typing letters and numbers every time you enter your password requires a lightning fast cognitive shift that indicates just how agile your thought process is.

If your password is related to loved ones: Then you are selfless and sociable. We choose passwords that are memorable and if names of friends or family members are most memorable to you then you are likely to be very sociable. Choosing a sign-in that conjures thoughts of loved ones and that includes your pets is also an unexpectedly selfless choice. While it would be perfectly understandable to choose for something more ego-centric, your family-centric password shows just how sensitive you are to others.

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author avatar Retired
18th Nov 2010 (#)

this is great, enjoyed every moment of it.

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author avatar joeldgreat
18th Nov 2010 (#)

What ever your password is, its better that it should not be easily guess. In addition to this, you my visit my article for additional information on how to create a strong password:

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author avatar Denise O
23rd Nov 2010 (#)

Very interesting read. I enjoyed it.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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