Our Weekend from Hell, but now I can laugh about it

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Keith and I were looking forward to a nice weekend in Devon, and this is what happened.

Our Weekend from Hell, but now I can laugh about it

Keith and I were looking forward to a weekend away. The weather was set fair, what a result for October! We even took our shorts with us, to grab the last little bit of sun. The plan was to stay at bed and breakfast accommodation in Dorset, and then travel to Devon to visit a dear friend on Saturday, return to our bed and breakfast place, then spend Sunday exploring Dorset, before finally heading home on Sunday evening.

When Keith ‘phoned up to book it, the lady explained she had a lovely 16th century cottage, in a most sought after village, and dogs were very welcome. She even went as far as saying that when she took her two dogs for a walk in the morning, our Leo, who is a golden retriever, could go too, leaving us to have a lay in and get up at our leisure.

Keith was a little bit unsure about taking Leo, but it always means making arrangements for his care, so because I like to have Leo with us when it’s possible, I managed to persuade him, because it sounded just right for us. It was quite a bit more than we usually pay, but in this instance, it seemed worth it.

When we got there

We left at six , after work, and by the time we arrived at 9 o’clock, it was dark. Keith went to book us in, and then came back disappointed ,saying. there was no TV in our room, and if we wanted to make tea or coffee, we had to do it in the kitchen.

I was a bit put out by this, but thought never mind, we will make ourselves a hot drink, and then I can have a nice relaxing bath . We then went on quite a hike, to the other end of the house, through the kitchen, then a lounge, and up a steep flight of steps to find our room . ” I hope Leo doesn’t want to go out in the night.” said Keith, and I remarked brightly. ” Well he never does at home, does he?”

We were greeted by our host

Our host was very genial, holding a huge glass of red wine in his hand, he explained that the owner was away, ( so no walk with Leo then) he was her ex husband holding the fort, and yes they were on speaking terms. He also explained that he got to spend the weekend with his son, which was a rare event, and how much he was looking forward to the bonding whilst his son’s mother was away.

When we saw our room, I could have wept, a cupboard, would have best described it, if we stood at the door and jumped, we could land on the bed, and when we got out, we would have to be careful not to step on Leo. As for the bath, that was outside in the corridor, it was not en suite. Our only saving grace, was we were the only guests, and I now know why!

We had a bath, and went to bed, the mattress was OK, but the pillows were like a puff of wind, and my head kept slipping off. But we were very tired, so it was easy to drift off to sleep, that is until Leo decided to wake us up at 5am!

We had to let him out, and the 2 other dogs too

I had not brought a dressing gown, as I don’t usually leave the room, so I had to put my trousers and cardigan over my nightie, as we had to go downstairs to let him out. Of course the other two dogs woke up too, so there we were 3 excited little figures running round the garden, and it seemed to take ages to get them all back in.

We went back to bed, and then slept round until 8 o’clock, when breakfast would be served. Keith was getting a bit grizzly, and wishing Leo had not come, but I said that it was probably a one-off, so we sat down to enjoy a nice breakfast in the lounge of this pretty little cottage, which was so full of character.

But it wasn’t to be. Our host, who was clearly suffering from a hangover, spent the entire time raging at his son about his behaviour, and the little lad vociferously defended himself. This was going on in a room above us, but with the windows open because it was so warm, we could hear every word. So much for bonding then!

Wha Leo did next

After breakfast, we wanted to take Leo for a local walk, so our host gave us directions to the nearest field. Our plan was to walk him, then drive off for the day, hoping he would sleep in the back, on the journey. As we entered the field I saw the cow pat, but as we were going through the gate to the next field, I thought Leo would not notice it. How wrong could I be, not only did he see it, he rolled in it, once, twice, three times for good measure, and then returned once more with glee to make sure that every part of his back, ears, face, and stomach were covered.

Keith and I stood there completely speechless, I was wearing white trousers, and didn”t want Leo anywhere near me. It looked like Keith had been right to want to leave him at home, for our peace of mind. but suddenly, it was just so awful, we sat down and laughed until the tears streamed down our faces, at the thought of taking him back to the lovely cottage with the white carpets. Keith gasped out. ” I hope they have an outside tap!” This sent me into fits of giggles again.

We were saved by a kind neighbour , who took pity on us walking back, Leo had a shampoo and set, and later a brush, and was restored to the beautiful golden retriever that he normally is. Peace reigned once more, although you can guess what Keith said.

But Leo had not finished yet, just to endorse the fact that he had blotted his copy book, he managed to vomit twice in spectacular fashion, all over the white carpet in our bedroom. You can guess what Keith said.


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author avatar Wendy
13th Oct 2010 (#)

Sounds like the trip would have been boring had it not been for Leo! Great story.

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author avatar Melissa Dawn
13th Oct 2010 (#)

Ah Carol, its good you can laugh. Sounds like somethign i would get up to. I call it surviving the Mellie moments.

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author avatar Denise O
17th Oct 2010 (#)

You just got to love a dog!
Bless y'alls hearts.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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