Optical illusions That will fool you, even when you know ther secret to them

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Illusions that make you wonder and no matter how much you try to move past them, it won't matter.

Which is the Darker square?

Which one is darker A or B?
Actually its none of them, B appears to be lighter due to shadow of the cylinder falling on the board, but actually see the image below.
You can see that there is no difference in the color.


What you saw is just an illusion that your mind created, actually A and B are perfectly same color.
The reason is that you confuse real world objects with virtual ones.

The reversibles

You can view it as two faces looking at each other, but when you look closer you will see a vase. You just need to see it with a different perspective.

Duck or the rabbit

The image can be perceived as a duck or a rabbit.
Horizontally its a rabbit, vertically its a duck. The rabbits ears and ducks beak appear the same here.

Perception error

The two yellow lines, which is wider?
Now keep your hands besides them and look, they are equal.

Disappearing white dots

The dots you focus on between the grid will appear white, the rest will seem to be dark, in reality all are white, to see just put your hand over the screen to hide them.

Moving static image

Just move your eyes around a bit over the image, you won't believe when I tell you it is not changing a bit, the dots are completely static, its just an illusion.

Shrinked chessboard

The squares are equal in size, the black and white dots make the difference.
If you want to see the difference, see it covering the dots and view the image or hide the adjacent dots and you will be able to see vertical lines are perfectly straight.

Stop the circle to spin

Move your head back and forth.
The rings appear to move because of arrows pointing in anti-clockwise or clockwise directions.

Why am I seeing circles

The image is static, yet you can see it moving somehow and you cam't stop that.
At least one of those rings appear to move, try to stop them, seriously you will not be able to focus on the center without letting them move.

These are just arrows

Well again, but this image is quite simple, still no moving image, these are just arrows which makes your brain think to go in the direction it points.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th Sep 2014 (#)

Interesting share, thanks - siva

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author avatar Retired
1st Apr 2015 (#)

I love brain teasers and these were quite interesting. It took me a bit to see the rabbit.

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