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It all could start with "Damn, I should have done that!" or it could end with, "I did it!" Life is like the fork in the road when it comes to opportunity, you only know what you should or should not have done after you did it. This is that story.

Dirty Work

We have all got to do "dirty, unlucky work" to find the "cleanest and luckiest work". Failing forward to success is what it is all about. If it was not about that, then, everyone who had great childhoods' would have ended up uniformly perfect and without problems. No, some of the dirtiest work in reality is genuine success, no doubt about it. In fact some of the greatest success comes after all of the worst failures, i.e.: Henry Ford had models "A" through "S" before he had the model "T". Thomas Edison had strings that burnt out too quickly until Lewis Latimer mixed the tungsten and put it on the string, and Madam Curie died once she found the secret of nuclear power. My point is that some of the dirtiest work is genuine success and some of the greatest failure is lucky first time success: Hint, John Belushi and Jan-Michael Vincent had the easiest jobs in existence for them in acting, but they did not appreciate the "easy" Hollywood glamor and "given success" they had and bad things happened to them. The point to these four stories is to say, real success that works comes down to earned reality instead of given reality.

What I mean by "earned reality" is quite simple: When you earn your success and things that work, you appreciate them more.

What I mean by given reality is when you just plain get lucky and win like a lottery things that come "too easy".

Sure, the realities I mentioned are simple, but think about the complex life facts about them for a moment. When earned, things really are appreciated more as a fact of human and conscious nature as a whole.

I remember a movie called "Trading Places" in 1983 which illustrated this fact very well where Dan Aykroyd played a man with a given reality of easy riches, and Eddie Murphy played a man with a basically earned reality of street hustling. Get my point? The real lesson of that movie is that, earned success is always better than given success, no matter how much you do not take for granted that given success. Plus, earned success is genuinely more easily duplicated and replicated than given success.

Let me end this section with this: I would rather do the genuine essence dirty work and have it be genuinely permanent and easy to replicate than have one given success that cannot be duplicated.

Yes, I definitely agree with Dr. Phillip C. McGraw's Life Code

Victims! The worst kind of victims are self made victims that do it to themselves and blame it on everyone else, and then expect a free ride from life because they are victims. "Woe is me!" some say. The worst loser looks in a mirror and cheats themselves in the end it is said. After reading Phillip C. McGraw's Life Code book, I look at myself in a different way and can honestly say with full understanding and meaning: The best winner can look themselves straight in the mirror and see themselves clearly.

Recently, I saw this scene from Sylvester Stallone's "Rocky" spin off movie called "Creed" in a movie trailer online. It went like this Rocky Balboa (still played by Stallone), and Apollo Creed's son Adonis Creed (played by Michael B. Jordan) are in a gym, and Rocky takes Apollo Creed's son to a mirror and tells him "That is the worst opponent you will have to face." Off that reality alone, even before I saw that scene, I always said, my best friend is in the mirror. But when considering the negative examples in Dr. Phil's Life Code, most people can identify with Rocky Balboa and Adonis Creed. "That is the worst opponent you will have to face." So, I ask this: Is it that bad? Why do you not want to know your potential best friend with all the knowledge of yourself? I will stop there with that. But, I can ask those type of "why" things all night and all day and you will just withdraw and go "everything is fine with me" and bounce away never really knowing yourself.

What is "sanity" other than not really facing yourself and envying the "grass on the other side" all the time anyway right down to "Oh, Bernie Madoff is a winner and I will follow him." from all of those investors? If you want to see the winner or loser that counts to you as a lesson on how to be, take a good look at yourself and make yourself into what you want to be as your own best friend. I am "crazy" enough to be self-contained in that way. Understanding others makes you powerful, okay, But, look at "Star Wars" evil Emperor Palpatine. Oh, he understood others right down to burning them with light shows of lightning from his fingers. But understanding yourself makes you invincible. How do you think Darth Vader went back to being Anakin Skywalker the hero at the end of "Return of the Jedi"? They can make a bunch of future "Star Wars" movies, but the reality of George Lucas's original vision will always shine through now won't it? My point is to expose reality here in an entertaining way that works. That is why I put it in "off beat", because face it, real sanity that encourages you to live with genuine sanity and honesty with yourself about reality is "off beat" and not "main stream".

So, I look at the Presidential Elections in the United States of America that I am going to participate in soon, in the year 2016 and ask this "silly question": Everybody is clamoring to win, but who really wants to be in office? So, that brings me to a joke, an old joke my Mom and a few other people told me that I will end with:

Once upon a time, a politician had a near-death experience, he checked out heaven, he found it boring. It was people strumming harps,eating astral grapes, feasting and relaxing like the stereotypical Leonardo Da VInci paintings and sculptures of heaven. So, he went to see hell, and it was as "fun" and "thrilling" as Earth with parties, sex orgies, drinking, deal making, cavorting and "fun". It felt so good and thrilling to the politician that he said, "I want to go to hell when I die and stay there experiencing it forever, I am sold!" So, years later the politician really died, and he went to hell and it was eternal nothingness, and then Satan the devil himself said to him, "congratulations, you are in office." Need I say more? My final "silly" question for this section.

Twinkies, snacks and ho-ho's versus The Steak Dinner

Did you ever notice how they have ready snacks before a meal at some parties, only to find that you cannot eat the main course after those snacks are eaten too much? Well, this non-immortal world is like those twinkies, ho-ho's and snacks, and immortality is The Steak Dinner. Too many people put too much into the during season scrimmage games so much that when the championship comes they are used up. Despite my subtle attempt at informative humor here, for some the message may shine through, but for many, this may be irritating, yet cryptic reading.

But, ultimately, I want you to think for yourself though without my having to spell it all out too much. Because, what is a brain and a mind for other than that. Oh, spirit is for prayer, but we have to start with our brains and minds before we go there. To put it another way, genuine spirituality may just be the steak dinner, and genius thinking may just be twinkies, ho-ho's and snacks offered before the steak dinner of genuine spirituality.

I was just reading Eckhart Tolle's "The Power Of Now" book a few minutes ago, and thinking about the fact that "this is not it". When will "it" be "it"? Well, The Steak Dinner is living consciously and workably in the immortal spirit I understand, when all of this "mortal shuffle" and busy work is done and we can do something real that is not a game of work. Something that counts to put it another way. Like I said: Do not put too much into the scrimmage, put it all into the championship! Twinkies, ho-ho's and snacks do not make a meal anyway no matter how much of them you eat. Indeed, you are left using the bathroom and wishing for pot roast while the real winners enjoy their real dinner. I have said enough, figure that one out if you really want to. The opportunity is here. The elevator may be broken, but the stairs are always open to climb to "get the level" and "get it".


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