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This is an article which throws light on the numerous hitches which plague the formation of a simple class presentation. The presentation, after a prolonged span of being in limbo, materializes thanks to the ardent efforts of the lone responsible and conscientious girl....which is obvious, considering that she is from the fairer sex!

Class room mayhem!

Being early in the morning, our minds were not in their best form. As luck would have it, today was the precise day my history professor chose to remind us of our impending doom. In other words , a presentation, that we had to give as a united front. put simply, as a cohesive group. I still don't understand why did he think that the a fore said medium of examination be pertinent to the subject.
Well, enough beating around the bush,the task at hand for me was to form a group of like-minded individuals who were not either willing their time in class or living in a day-dream, which to put it subtly, was a herculean task! Well after coming short of interviewing my classmates as suitable candidate,i came upon four ,if not like-minded then somewhat studious counterparts. Having achieved,phase one,I got down to business. Phase two held quite a surprise in store for us. i don't think i have mentioned this earlier,but this story is based in India. Which only leads to one of many obvious facts, which is that as students, presentations is five percent their responsibility and ninety five percent that of the parents. I keep kicking myself for overlooking this ingrained phenomenon of our mentality. The less said the better!

Mother Knows best....

As far as I am concerned I burned my midnight oil day-in and day-out. My compatriots were busy thrashing out ideas with their mommies. I cannot fathom the need for our progenitors to interfere in matters way below their supposed matured intelligence quotient! When I introduced the idea of putting up a skit the mother, of all opposition ,said that it would be too tedious for her delicate daughter. If this was the case why didn't she roam around with the tag "fragile" and save me the effort of putting an idea across!
Nevertheless I rebounded and pulled out another suggestion from my mental bag to tricks. It seemed to be fated that i would be a second time unlucky, as this time around an inquisitive father questioned my judgement as to how could i ask his daughter, who miraculously happened to be chorister to ,lets see,sing! As far as his knowledge would permit him to think, this was outrageous! I mean, it was so stupid of me to actually reason and put it out on the table that that twit could serenade an ode to the freedom fighters of the Indian Independence (as that was our odious topic) that it was as ridiculous as mixing oil and water! Hats off to the luminous father for putting things in perspective for me....
Infuriated by the proceeding and having reached my wits end, I made a last-ditch attempt for the scholarly (as well as divine) intervention of my pedagogue. On hearing his proposition, my faith in his abilities were shaken up to an extent nothing short of a 9 on the Richter scale! As per him, we ought to firstly, pick lots to ascertain whose idea will be carried out (overlooking the evidence of no viable and forthcoming ideas form the silent trio) , secondly following the patriarchal (and scarcely matriarchal) society ,all objections of the fathers had to be considered and lastly, weighing down like an anvil on my self-esteem, I had to bring down my level of enthusiasm (and intelligence) to be compatible with theirs and so, just vomit out my part of the presentation verbatim, without any sort of frills and thrills.

Angel of Music

My mother came to my rescue and pulled me out of the incredulity of the moment. She stated in her devil-may-care attitude that the round table conference with my professor was rather pointless and a waste of time. Put simply, I was under oath to carry out my duties as a student honest to history. Thus, when the D-day arrived, I threw light on the freedom struggle with a voice suited for no one to hear (but with words of profound significance) while the singer in the group read out ,with her nose buried in a book seemingly weighing more than her, the delicate darling graced the side-lines as a wallflower as she felt too nervous and conversely could not bear the glare of the arch lights (the two hundred and fifty voltage tube lights of the classroom) and last but not the lease ,the phantom of the group mumbled something audible only to her and those who can listen to frequencies the rest of us can't!
Well the above stated events were a prologue to the sad demise of my heart-felt dream of shining in the only favorite subject of mine, namely History. At home, I had one of the most meaningful conversations of my life, with the listener being my pillow. I made a firm resolve to ,under no circumstance (within my control of course) be part of a group and finally not be influenced by meddlesome ,directionless and sans innovation parents.
Thus, here ends the escapade of my wrecked presentation!


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