Old items are sold as the newest ones

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I don't see much difference between a Smart phone that was bought some years ago and another one launched and sold just recently.

Old items are sold as the newest ones

If I show to anyone my mobile telephone, they would most probably burst out laughing to tears. What? Can't you afford one of these Smart ones with many applications? They'd most probably exclaim. I guess I could, but the thing is that I only want a telephone for what it was initially created _to call to someone when need be or still better to receive calls and to text when need be too. For the rest of the time, my mobile phone is idle somewhere in the house or inside my handbag.
Months ago, Apple Corporation launched their latest Smart phone and as usual thousands of people flocked in long queues to be first to get one of those for days on end. Don't they already know that this is Apple's way of marketing when they're going to launch one of their products?
1. Firstly, they create big expectation about a new product through a costly campaign .
2. People get anxious and eager to get one of those. Queues start up as Day D approaches till doors open to welcome the first one on queue. Hurray!
3. Two or three days after launching the new product, the corporation announce that they are short of them, or still worse that they have run out them. People get more anxious to get one of those and riots start up.
Does anyone have a feeling that these companies are taking us as fools that are going to buy the same old items that are launched and sold as the newest ones?
They may include few more applications, but the truth is that the newest launched telephone, laptop, Tablet or desk computer aren't much different from previous ones.
They'll tell us that this laptop or desk computer that we bought a couple of years ago is way too old and we ought to buy a new one. How come? Don't we know that the oldest desk computer can be renewed step by step and when need be? It'll be a lot cheaper for us than discarding the whole of the equipment to buy a new one that won't have much more than the oldie we decided to throw.
I don't see much difference between the latest Smart phone and the one launched years ago, except for shape, colour or few more silly applications.
The difference lays in their revenue when they're trying to sell us old things as if they were the newest ones to fatten their bank accounts.

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