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A general whinge about life and the things that wind one up


Not a very salubrious title, however it expresses my feelings in a very pithy form. It is also indicative of the depth of those same feelings. Several things happened today which I suppose brought me to this point. Let me say from the outset that I am one of those miserable old fogies with one hell of a chip on both shoulders.

Have the servants died ?

On going to the checkout at the local Tesco I waited in line patiently as one is apt to do . The couple in front watched the operator scan their goods, they were piling up nicely behind the till, and only when the check out operator had almost finished did it occur to them to actually start packing their bags. So the operator had finished she sat twiddling her thumbs waiting for them to pack and I was waiting and fuming. People who have difficulty to pack and require assistance fine; but people who expect the world to wipe their bottoms for them get real !!!

Pensions what pensions

News item, the government nee trading standards have suddenly discovered that some of the commission charges made by those who manage our pension funds are unreasonable and excessive. Apparently even a 0.5% management charge means that the pensioner has 11% less in there pot at the end of the term a 1% charge is equivalent to 21% shortfall in the pensioners fund. So you work all your life to get a decent pension; at the time when you are most vulnerable and are unable to earn anymore you get well and truly shafted. So in effect as usual the average working person spends all
their life funding the fat city cats. To do what ? If the money had been put into a high interest deposit account, given tax concessions as pension contributions, you would have accrued more. Oh and no parasites taking their cut.

Inane twadle

There is a certain advertisement for hair colour. The husband narrates whilst his colorful headed partner primps and simpers in the background. I paraphrase the dialogue.

‘ we have been through three moves, two kids and four jobs, me I’m grey! But Rachel she’s looks just the same, I don’t understand it’. Go to shot of her running her fingers through her bright orange hair.
Er could it be the fact that she uses hair dye duh !!! She’s probably more grey than a badger. Oh well if people keep buying their shite they’ll keep selling it !!


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I am 75 years old and have quite a jaundiced view of the world. Anyone who has lived as long as me has seen a lot of change but very little improvement.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
20th Sep 2013 (#)

Realities of life though not easy to stomach - so grin and bear it or maybe bare it! siva

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