Oh Those Crazy Squirrels

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Squirrels..Squirrels.. they make you laugh with their silly antics. What happens when you forget to feed them? What happens when they meet the cat for the first time? Do they ever loose their balance leaping from tree to tree? Meet up with one and you'll say you've never had so much fun!

Squirrel Antics

When we moved to nine acres we were surprised to find various colonies of squirrel families occupying the property. The neighbors warned us some of these rascals can get out of line. Little did we know of the joys to follow. Squirrels possess more personality than you'll likely realize unless you're well versed in their behavior. It is my intention to share some of their misadventures. Enjoy.

One afternoon we noticed a squirrel in a tree with his big, bushy tail swaying to a silent beat. There wasn't any music playing anywhere, but this didn't stop our friend from busting a rhyme. He was like," I like to dance and I can not lie." My family laughed and laughed as we watched from the window. Who knew squirrels have rhythm?

Of course, leaping from branch to branch can make Tarzan tired and sometimes dizzy. This brings me to the evening one of our squirrels missed a step and took a fall. I'll admit at his expense it was hilarious. The show-off thought he was on a roll when his dear little feet slid out from under him. Oops, mama warned this would happen if you're too sure of yourself.

Of course, occasionally, the joke is on us. It seems the bird feeder was out of seed and for those who don't keep squirrels in their yard it's important to note they eat bird food as often or maybe even more frequently than our winged guests do. After an outing my husband parked his truck under one of our trees in the driveway. Obviously, I had forgotten to restock the feeder and someone was ready to let me hear about it. Everyone else was still in the vehicle when I got out and started for the front door, but before I could get anywhere an acorn hit me in the head. I turned around to see the little gangster smiling ear to ear from a near by branch. My reaction? "Oh you think that's funny, do you?" We all burst out laughing. Of course, when you keep company with squirrels it's vital to your health and ambition to bring along some extra grub.

Mrs. Squirrel Verses The Cat

You may say we're talking about rodents, but don't let them hear you. Any place they are allowed to live and thrive, these babies can and will take over. Our property is their territory and Mama Squirrel doesn't exactly oblige when we let our Burmese out. This cat weighs about fifteen pounds and in his mind he's a natural born hunter. Needless to say, the squirrels don't think of him the same way we do. Mama Squirrel stands in the tree on a branch and literally chews him out. Sometimes we think she may be telling us off for letting Angel Kitty outside, but we don't speak her language so we're not sure. All that's clear is when she sees this cat she goes nuts! It's a quite a sight to see her shaking her fists and carrying on!

The Squirrel's Appetite

One evening, a couple of years ago, my husband and I first decided to set the picnic table up for the squirrels. We placed bird seed in upside down Frisbees and waited until the next morning. Opening the front door, we immediately noticed they were going to town on the spread we left for them. This undertaking pleased me so much!

You've got to watch out though since they will eat whatever their taste buds desire. The dog learned of their sensational appetites when she caught one of them stealing food from her bowl. Midnight is a good hearted lab so she just sat back and decided to share. Once they pulled some fruit off of our lemon tree, but they didn't favor the sour flavor and this never happened again. For the most part, they don't bother anything including plants. Just once in awhile, they will get bored or curious about what we're growing in our container garden. They make for pretty good neighbors as long as you're tolerant and open minded.

Neighbor 2 Neighbor, Squirrel Encounters

Keeping squirrels on the property is one of life's greatest joys. The best time to spy on them is early in the morning. They usually stay to themselves, but as they've gotten used to us it seems they've figured out we feed them. My husband says, once in awhile a squirrel will alert him when the bird feeder is empty. He'll look up from his work in the garage and a little friend will be standing at the door begging. We're so lucky to have these experiences with our tree dwelling buddies.

We've learned a lot about their personalities. Although they're serious about their food, they're a whole lot of fun. Comical and playful, their adventures easily become our very own. Feeding them makes us so happy we couldn't ask for a better arrangement. Since they live in both urban and royals areas, there's a good chance you can adopt the habit of entertaining them today. Just don't expect these encounters to be up close especially at first. Squirrels are street smart and they're not too trusting. However, get your camera ready, because you will be able to record their visits if you provide meals for them to enjoy.


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24th Apr 2015 (#)

Enjoyable read. Informative in an amusing, light-hearted way.

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24th Apr 2015 (#)

Thank you, Ellen.

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