Never Smile until You Get the Picture Correct Just Maintain a Good Attitude

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Positive attitude is priceless, especially during times of stress. During festivals one does the usual round of smiles and gets through the finish line without upsetting too many apple carts. Positive attitude means much more than keeping the smile pasted on the face, but that is the starting point.

Picture of Life

Family life is a series of photographs. It is simple to get through if you are in the good books of the relatives. Sometimes keeping the smile on your face becomes tedious. However, we get by. Helping me out are the in-laws in a house somewhere far away.

My friends like to see me trip and fall, and the feeling is mutual. One can do with some laughs too. The last I laughed was when the bull chased Jack during last season's festivities. It was the annual bull race and somehow Jack hit the road the bull was participating in. In the race to the nearest bend in the road, Jack was leading by a foot or two.

Never understood why one has neighbors. Then I ran out of sugar with guests in the house. Now, all my neighbors borrow things all the time, the lawn mower, the ice cube tray and sometimes my son for weeding their garden.

Clicking pictures are easier if you smile

Relatives give a helping hand

The scene was in the attic today! There were no bird's nests there; there were no bats either thankfully. The ongoing effort of my in-laws to make me shake my booties and clean up the house is having a strange effect on me. My sister-in-law smiled. It was a question of attitude said the patriarch of the house. My father-in-law laughed and showed me the spare cell that powers my camera. My nephew likes to hide it, most of the time in the attic.

I took up photography when it became the only legal way, I could get out of the house without raising any adverse reactions from the family. Anyway, the positive attitude thing had gone on long enough. Pushing the couch back and forth, morning and evening can be taxing. However, my dear sister-in-law cannot resist the attraction of the suns setting rays and must see it sitting on the couch in the hall. Not that she has no gratitude for the effort that goes into moving the furniture. She regularly thanks Tim, my brother-in-law, my uncle Henry and sometimes even the dog gets a pat when the couch is in place. But as I said, she smiles all the time. She maintains her positive attitude.

Realities of daily living

Simple things like crossing the streets are now a terror-filled task. No one smiles, and if you fill the street without incident, you are filled with gratitude to your maker. Admittedly, the need for crossing the street is limited to those times when power shortage forces me to plug into the reserve battery in the store across the street. Positive attitude definitely cannot recharge your battery.

My nephew gets his tips from grandpa. He is the original owner of the camera. He clicks a picture or two in the morning and some in the evening just to keep his clicking finger nimble. The rest of the time, I get to use the machine. It brings a smile to his lips when I start fumbling with the various settings.

There are a few days when I cross the street and find that I have left the charger at home. I just smile at the people in the shop and head back to base. Well, you do not want them laughing do you? I am trying to submit a picture of a smiling face for a magazine. So, I go to the park sometimes with my cap on, it gets a lot of smiles. People attribute it to my positive attitude.

Change in Reality

Somehow, the picture does not seem right. Either the light is too harsh or the picture is out of focus. At last, one day it happened. I was going through the picture gallery, looking at the photos that had been taken with the camera when I saw a smiling face. My own! It was in profile and it showed me watching through the window. In addition, it was a handsome smile indeed. It looks as though my nephew had been busy. Whatever motivated him to press the button I do not know, but I do think it has something to do with being positive about anything you do.

I submitted the photo and got the money. I was full of smiles. More because of what I had had seen outside the window than for presenting the typical photograph. That was the day my sister-in-law had slipped and fallen into the pond on the lawn. I like to think about the positive aspect, payment for the photograph. It makes me smile.

Clear the Decks with a bunch of Holly

Celebrations for Christmas are underway, and I do not know who is more enthusiastic about it, my relatives or me. Every time I go shopping, I glance at the Christmas tree and wonder where it will fit inside the house. My sister-in-law was quite positive about the whole thing. "Christmas only comes once a year! Imagine how things would be if we had to celebrate it every month." Indeed, writing Christmas cards every month would be very taxing if not downright harrowing.

I stopped looking at Christmas trees. I stopped thinking about the sweets and cakes too. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and turkeys are in demand. We wish you a Happy Merry Thanksgiving Day, not you you turkey. My nephew is also smiling a lot. Wonder what the Christmas spirits is doing to him. I found out when I overheard a conversation he had with his friend. He said, "It is nice to think of the Redeemer as a small child, someone who you hold in your arms than as a big grown man who makes it to the Cross." I let it pass.

Family time is bath time, it seems. My sister-in-law gave the dog a bath; my nephew gave the cat a bath. It survived. Then it was the turn of the turtle. It likes the big shallow pond at the far end of the garden and rarely comes out. My nephew grabbed it and dunked in a bucket full of soap water. It also survived, mainly because my sister-in-law noticed what was happening in time. Happy Christmas and keep smiling. It enhances your positive attitude.

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Well written Phyl!

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Thanks Ms Mc Costigan.

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