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I am a wife, I am a mother, I am a Christian. Serving God and others. How many husbands calls their wife Old Lady. T

Call me any name but Old Lady

I am not that old but yet I don't know how many times I had to ask my husband to not address me when introducing me to his friends when we first was court-shipping. Hello, he would start his conversation to his friends. Let me introduce you to my old lady.

Well I am far off being old in the begin with. Even if I am a grandmother, I don't consider myself as being an old lady. How Rude! Finally got the hint it only taken him ten years to catch on, Today, he calls me Honey Bear! Introduce me to his friends as his wife and not his old lady. Words can create funny jokes as long as your laughing with the person and not laughing at the person. words to ponder on.

When raising my children I gave them nick names, Youngest child, nick name I chose for her, peanut, only because she was a preemie weighing only 4 ponds, nick names I give to my children I chosen by watching them in their behavior or actions. Rose, she loves roses, Red, child was born with red hair. I believe that parents and grandparents no matter what chooses petty nick names rather using their real birth names they were given at the time of their birth. Now my grandmother has given me my nick name and that is what I am still go by today. After I married, my husband started calling me his Q-bear than other names too, Old lady is not one I prefer to be called. I believe that is a common old term that men called their wives for ages.


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Well, I am who I am, I am who God created my character to be. I am true believer, a Christian and person who fought many life battles and a survivor.

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As a teenager I did yard work for extra money. One man I worked for had come from Scotland with his high school sweetheart bride. They were in their sixties. Whenever Mr. Daniel referred to his wife, she was referred to as "the little lady." In five years I never heard him speak of her with anything but love and grace. She did of cancer, and I found myself his counselor, helping him with his loss. That was over 50 years ago. I can still hear his accent when I think of him and his wife.

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