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So I saw a thread yesterday about funny examination experiences and it triggered some fond memories of my time in school. This is about how a student defies odds in passing his examination during his university days...

The Exam...

This actually happened in my second year in the University. Examinations were at hand so all students prepared hard.

One of our lecturers had previously advised us to form study groups, so my friends (in the department) and I decided to form one.

'Awoko' (night reading) began in earnest. People always found the three of us reading, and they began to make sarcastic statements like, 'If una no get first class, make una ask God why.'

While reading together, we discovered our strengths and weaknesses in each of the courses we were to take. The peculiar ones were MTH 202 and CHM 203. I was good (at least fairly good) at MTH 202, but I didn't fully understand CHM 203. It had to do with Organic Chemistry which I was very scared of then. On the other hand, both of them understood CHM 203, but were very poor when it came to MTH 202.

They tried teaching me, but I couldn't just grasp it at that point. They couldn't understand MTH 202 either. To make matter worse, exams were at hand. No time! So we decided to seat together during each of the courses in the formation AB-O-AB for MTH 202 and O-AB-O for CHM 203.

If you remember your high school Biology, you'll understand this. I was to donate 'blood' to them during MTH 202, while they were to donate to me during CHM 203. It seemed to be a watertight arrangement (at the time). I prepared to solve all the questions so that we would all have options to choose from.

Exams began and MTH 202 and CHM 203 were slated for the same day and they were to be held by 12pm and 4pm respectively.

During the MTH 202 exam, the formation AB-O-AB was flawless. We were to answer 4 questions out of 7. I solved all 7 and we chose our answers randomly to avoid detection. Everyone was happy.

The time was 4pm. CHM 203. I didn't see my friends. Other students had already begun entering the hall. I still couldn't see them.

I was among the last students to enter the hall. I sat on one of the seats in the middle row. I was still trying to look around for my friends. Unknown to me, they were already in the hall and kept a seat for me.

I finally saw where they sat. They sat close to the back. They began signaling me to come, that they kept a seat for me.

About 3 dreaded lecturers were in the hall, so I was being careful 'cos the hall was already settled. As I turned my neck to assess the situation one last time, I heard a scream from one of the lecturers that sounded like a soldier who just came back from Sambisa forest.

Lecturer: You!! **Pointing at me**

Me: :o Sir me?

Lecturer: No, your forefathers... Stand up!

** :o Chisos! I don enter am today... Exam never even start.**

Me: Sir I didn't do anything...

Lecturer: Who were you talking to behind you?

Me: :'( Sir, I wasn't talking to anyone... I'm having neck pain so I was just stretching my neck...

Lecturer: Oh, so you were stretching your neck to scan who you'll copy behind you, right? Come out here!

I went to meet him and he searched my pockets. Nothing. I was not bold enough then to go into an examination with any 'expo' or 'chukuli' or 'ochuko' (exhibits).

The lecturer took me to the front row seat. There was no one seated on the whole row 'cos it rained heavily that day and there were droplets of water on some parts of the bench.

I looked behind me, there was no one in the next row either. Same reason. Jeez! And I didn't read for this course.

** :o Chisos, I don enter one chance!**

The exam paper was served and for almost 30 minutes, I stared at them like it was written in Chinese. I looked around me and saw my other course mates writing furiously.

**Who send me make I no read this course myself sef :'(**

I just told myself right there and then that I would have to write the course the next year. At least I would have more time to read well for it.

To my right was an old lady. She had the reputation of covering her work and not requesting for help during exams.

**Na she I for come ask???**

Before I knew what was happening, she asked for extra sheets.

** :o Ha! And I never even write anything!**

'I refuse to accept defeat', I told myself 30minutes to the end of the exam. I didn't fail any of my 100L courses, I wasn't going to start now...

I looked at question 1a. I definitely didn't know it.

**Wait o, I'm supposed to know 1b na...**

I 'cracked' my brain, reviving lost memories of my high school Chemistry. I tried giving answers to some questions, albeit incompletely.

After the exams, my two friends came to meet me. One of them said, 'Guy why didn't you come na, we kept space for you.' 'Abeg, henceforth everybody go answer im papa name o', I replied them.

I went back home and began my fasting and prayers.

** :'( Oh lord, even if it's just an E I get in this course, I'll manage it. Please don't let me fail. :'( **

Finally results came out. We all had B's in MTH 202. They had B's in CHM 203 too while I had a C. Yeah, I had a C in the course.

I overjoyed. So I could do it after all! And that was the end of my 'collabo' or 'joint community effort' during any examination.

I definitely learnt my lessons!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd May 2015 (#)

I knew you had passed the exams as you lived to tell this tale! Many have not been that lucky! siva

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author avatar Lexy
2nd May 2015 (#)

Great author

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author avatar Esther paul
2nd May 2015 (#)

That's a good write up.u were favour by God its a lesson that even with group discussion one need to read for more understanding nd with Gods help after exams with prayer the sky will b our happy for u that at the u didnt carry the course over.may God always favour us and bless our effort.

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author avatar Empress Ella
2nd May 2015 (#)

That's a very wonderful experience and it has inspired me a lot. Thanks for sharing, may God help us that are still in school to overcome all the challenges, work hard and come out in flying colours. Thanks dear.

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author avatar Yusuf
3rd May 2015 (#)

nice write o I also learnt something from your experience......

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author avatar Benzene
19th May 2015 (#)

Mehn! CHM 203 being d introduction to the world of Organic Chemistry was indeed dreadful....thank God we scaled through.

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