My Barking Cat

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Some animals tend to know their own kind and characteristics. While may be a bit confused as to what they are. There are dogs that cluck, birds that growl but have yu ever head a cat bark?

My Barking Cat

One day while cutting the lawn, i head a little noise in some near by bushes like kittens, my first thought was that a cat had her lot in the bushes. I walked over and gently cleared a path where i could see what was making the sound. It was in deed a little kitten but it was alone. It was just lying there. i took it up and carried it inside the house and got a small box and placed the kitten inside. We had two dogs living with us, a German Shepherd and a poodle. I introduced the kitten to them as they stared confused, (probably wondering what an unusual dog) They came around, gave it a few sniffs and walked away. As time progressed Carl the cat, Stars the poodle and firewall the German Shepherd became very close. The cat would run behind them outside and play ball with the Dogs. We have never heard the cat purr, he was the most silent animal i have ever met. One day the entire family was outside eating fried chicken and drinking lemonades. My wife said "here boy" and both dogs ran to her in anticipation of that juicy Leg bone she had, they were excited and barking and wagging their tales, suddenly we heard a cat's voice with a Dog bark, Carl was actually trying to get in on some of the bone action and began imitating the Dog's bark, We were so shocked, i laughed and started to videotape the whole cat barking incident. I have that video at home hoping to submit it to Americas Funniest Animals.


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author avatar Joyce Singha
1st Aug 2014 (#)

Dang, those cats can do all sorts of things. Dogs must be very unhappy with cats stealing their bark!

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author avatar JayeByrd
2nd Aug 2014 (#)

What a fabulous story. Thank you for sharing.
I had one who though he was a dog. He would even stretch across my feet the way a dog would.

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author avatar Etc.
9th Aug 2014 (#)

I haven't heard of a barking cat, but we have a hen that sounds like a rooster. Does that count?

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author avatar blogperfect
9th Aug 2014 (#)

all sorts of animals mimic each other, a hen thats sounds like a rooster is pretty close that a vat barking like a dog!

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