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Since the dawn of civilization, warriors have fought each other to prove their worth. Spectators gather in large arenas to watch these warriors fighting. At Wrinkle-Crown such an event takes place annually where the winner gets a huge plate for his dinner table.

Excitement in the air

Tingle-tong has begun – seem to have it wrong. You know that ancient sport where warriors chase each other with clubs threatening to take the other’s head off. They are caged and separated from each other. All fighting occurs in front of spectators who come all corners of the earth.

Strict security measures

Anyway, in Hingle-Pong there is a lot of rushing around. They keep a strict watch on the fighting factions using low-level security spies who use hand held mortars to subdue these warriors (I have never seen one explode so far). They recruit these spies very young, probably so that they will have a long career ahead of them in keeping fighting warriors in Single-Doyn (I am just not getting that name…is it Double-Doyn? Unless it is Sueza-Cone – er…with strawberries on top). Spectators will have to squeeze through a high security barrier to get to see the fighting. Undoubtedly this takes place to prevent any fat ones from entering the fighting arena. So, back to our horror story...

Big warriors of Singletea-Don

Jingle-Prong has inspired many songs and tales. You undoubtedly would have heard of Jungle Bells, Jungle Bells (they sing it when things get too cold). They grab each other and well, smell each other…no no they do not use clubs. The big and famous warriors are Gobar Murderer (or is it Hoper Soap-yer-rear), Swan Bundle (it could be Beyond-That-Hill), Hat-trick Grafter (sometimes I think it is Arctic Drafter – no it is name of a warrior not a ship) yes he likes everybody’s daughter. All spectators at the fighting arena like him…it is a mutual feeling.

Female of the species

Anyway, at this Unkle-Ping-Pong you can see cats screaming at each other with clubs. It will give you worst nightmares. They bring lots of clubs with them to the fighting arena. They sometimes throw it down and pick up a bigger and better club.

Winning warrior of Sprinkle-Some Germs

At Tinkle-Down fighting competitions winner will be thrown to the ground by some ploy of the loser (I guess it is some kind of rope trick). They will lie down and weep for sometime. Then they get a plate or cup, which they use, for their daily meal. This is huge and so they can eat more and drink more (though I have never seen anyone put on weight…maybe that turning gate keeps those fat warriors out).

Is it time for the big battle?

I am yet to see any single warrior get to hit his enemy and fell him to the ground in Gingle-Bing Bong. This hope that it will happen some day brings the spectators back to the arena after the annual harvest season is over.

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author avatar WOGIAM
5th Jul 2014 (#)

Interesting read, I have heard of the song Jingle bells, is it the same as Jungle bells?

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author avatar snerfu
7th Jul 2014 (#)

I believe it is an adaptation. Thanks for stopping by.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
6th Jul 2014 (#)

I thought it was a parody on the Soccer matches in progress.

Reply to this comment

author avatar snerfu
7th Jul 2014 (#)

Ha ha Mr Rao. Thanks for the look up. I hope you enjoyed the read.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
13th Jul 2014 (#)

I came. I read. I chuckled.

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author avatar snerfu
13th Jul 2014 (#)

Hope I did not inspire you to buy any clubs.

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