Money Doesn’t Buy You Class

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She is a very nasty person who needs to change her attitude.

Maybe She should Use The Money To Buy Herself Some Manners

I caught the last half hour of Wife Swap on Television yesterday and I couldn’t believe it. This woman who was covered head to toe in designer stuff. She looked very nice, too bad she didn’t have the personality to match.

The woman was completely stuck up and looked down on anyone who didn’t have money, saying they were all dirty and would never amount to anything. She even insulted the man’s wife saying she would never want to look like his wife in a million years. Unsurprisingly the men then threw her out for insulting his wife, good on him I say the woman was a nightmare to live with.

The Woman she looked down on everyone and thought her lifestyle was better and of higher importance. She had no respect for anyone and was really a horrible person. Where need she get this idea from that just because your loaded doesn’t mean your a bad person.

Here’s what really made me laugh. The woman who insulted everyone for being poor has never worked a day in her life. The only reason she can wear designer clothes and lead her life of luxury is because her husband works hard and she does nothing.

I’d like to see how this woman would cope if she had to live off minimum wage, She would probably have a melt down and have herself committed to a mental hospital. Maybe then she wouldn’t have this delusion that she is above everyone else.


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