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Even the Management and Beloved Leader of Hades has realized the public relations of the organization needs updating. Step two in the program is the choice of a logo design.

Let's Get Our Mojo Moving, Fiends !

Let's face it fiends, our logo is outdated by a few eons. The Chief has directed that as a major component in our new PR program, we come up (or down) with a new, modern, and inspiring logotype. For you roadkill- for - brains out there, a logotype, or logo is a symbol that defines your identity and gives meaning to your company wherever displayed. It should reflect the best in current graphic style and be easily adaptable to any display need.
Now, in order to execute the Chief's orders, our Graphic Design Department has worked up the display below of suggested logo designs. All have been approved by our Graphic Designers and now it is up to you fiends, demons,demonesses, imps, devils, and assorted Styx Rats. Vote here for one of your choice. remember this is one of the most important parts of The Chief's New PR Corporate Development Program and I needn't remind you of the Chief's quick temper and new whip collection. The winner will be announced in the next "Fire 'N Brimstone." First Prize will be a week at the River Styx Sticks 'N Stones Resort. Second Prize will be a fang filing.

Logos with Mojo

Here then are the logos drawn up by our graphic designers and are judged to be up to current design standards and reflect the latest image requirements for everything from matchbook covers to porno films. Vote for the one (That's one, bozos! ) you think will bring our visual image up to date and be stylishly modern. Non-voters will be sent to pit cleaning and fumerole inspections. If these assignment are full, they will serve as latrine orderlies.
Remember voting is a duty and a privilege in this society.

Mojo Movers

We think these sketches best project a kinder, gentler image of our operations on the Styx and meet The Chief's requirements
of creativity and progressive thought. I met with our Beloved Chief just yesterday. He closed our meetings with a word for all, "I'd better see some mojo working on this assignment and I know you sorry little bastards got it!" Inspiring thoughts ,indeed.
Demon Chief of Design

Demonic Chatter.

Congratulations to Demon Grudge who has been promoted to Head Demon at our Hades Cheese Factory and to his new Demoness in charge of Milk Production, Diedra. We look forward to seeing the wheels turn soon.
Demoness Laura Lurid continues to run a first-class porno film operation over at Pit 333. Interviews and tours may be arranged at the Pit Office.
Fiend Garleek is now over the sheep-dip operation at Fumerole No. 999 and is expected to make the operation profitable again.
Demon Dipshitz over at Styx River Commerce announces another little devil has been added to his family and was named Demon Donny. He was 132 lbs.with a fully developed set of fangs. Demoness Dipshitz is resting and well at their home on Charcoal Beach.
NOTE: The Annual Picnic and Fang Filing Fling will be held next month at a date to be announced in Filthy Park and Recreation Area. Be sure to get your tickets at the Pit No.666 Office. No clients will be allowed.
LOST: one carton of Marlboros with lighter autographed by
The Chief along with a dozen Cuban cigars. Just return lighter to Fiend Flambeau at Fumerole 5. Reward. No questions asked
OPEN POSITIONS: Supervisor needed at District office, Fume
Grade or Above required. Pit Office # 667 Demon Dunge.
Latrine Captain needed at Pit # 12385, Pit #279, Pit #7850, Pit #61. Pit #386, Pit # 908, Pit #87, Pit # 000 and Pit # -436.
Latrine Looey at Pit # 654, Pit # 9, and Pit # 0.
PLEASE SEND ALL NEWS of Hellish hiring, firing, births, promotions and dehiring to Demoness Donna, Demonic Chatter, Editor. Bribes gladly accepted. Sexual favors invited.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
11th Jun 2012 (#)

oh oh oh..this is great fun...ta very much!

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author avatar Count Sneaky
11th Jun 2012 (#)

I'm glad I found your funny bone again. Even Hades needs love.

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author avatar Spectre
17th Jun 2012 (#)

I like logo number 4. It is very classy and I am giving an honorable mention to logo number #5. Very good work.

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author avatar Count Sneaky
17th Jun 2012 (#)

Thanks for the #4 vote. Awaiting a few more votes and then will declare a winner! Count Sneaky.

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