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It's amazing how far people will go when it comes to food.

So one morning I'm sitting there trying to think of ways to promote SUKI, when my daughter sends me a MAYDAY text:

"Sam has no lunch. Please call his father and tell him to bring him some. I have to go into class now."

What?! My beloved godson has no lunch?! He's a a very crucial point in his growth cycle...he needs to eat every meal!

Immediately I call my friend, but he doesn't answer.

I leave a VM: "Corey, this is your BF calling... from New York... to let you know that your Colorado... has no lunch. He called my New ask her to get in touch with you can bring him the Lunchable that's on the shelf in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, she has to be in class now, and is not allowed to use her cell phone, so she SOS'd me to help."

The waiting game...

My friend does not respond all day, but I have faith that the law is the same in Colorado as it is in New York, and that the school will feed Sam the hockey puck burgers or limp salads that we all ate in high school, and will require that his parents pay back the cafeteria the next day.

When I'm sure school has let out, I text my godson and ask, "So what did you do for lunch today?"
He says, "Nothing. But then my mom's hair stylist dropped off my lunch at the end of the day and I ate it on the bus on the way to my basketball game and then got a hot dog and popcorn after the game."

??? I want to see how this works.

I would LOVE to call up MY hair stylist, ROB, at
SALON 3028 and say, "Hey Rob, Ali left her cell phone at home and I know she's gonna need to text me after school to pick her up from her play practice. I know that I just interrupted you cutting John Edward (the famous psychic) to come to the phone, and I know that it can take weeks to get an appointment with you sometimes because your salon is so busy, but would you mind dropping everything, and running this over to her? Thanks, you're a doll! SMOOCHES!"

I'm gonna call him tomorrow and see how that goes...

About the author:

CF Winn is the author of The COFFEE BREAK SERIES, a hilarious group of short stories meant to be read while on break or in the waiting room of the doctor's office. Her first novella, SUKI, has been grabbing hearts and hugging souls all over the United States.


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CFWinn is an award winning freelance writer of tongue-in-cheek articles.Her novella, SUKI, is hugging souls everywhere and her COFFEE BREAK SERIES will have you rolling on the floor.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
15th Sep 2013 (#)

Heck I have seen what is in Lunchables, even if you have one of those I think it is fair to say you still do not have a lunch!

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author avatar CF Winn
15th Sep 2013 (#)

Ha ha ha...I agree!

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author avatar vickylass
15th Sep 2013 (#)

I´m not surprised! This one is really funny. thanks mate for sharing!

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author avatar Pollyal
16th Sep 2013 (#)

Funny :)

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author avatar Denise Salmon
1st Oct 2013 (#)

They always get sorted out somehow, good story

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author avatar The rockin rat
8th Dec 2013 (#)

interesting story well thought out keep the articles going :)

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