Love You Not My Fault

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Love is not my fault. Love does not choose, you choose

Love You Not My Fault

Here in my solitude I find myself without an owner
with intimate desires and without achieving any dream.
Today I seek your touch with love and closeness
no matter whether the fault or mine.

My human passion to materialize my love
feel your lips on me to remove my pain.
The close proximity between me and you, woman,
would take both of you all the thirst of love.

I appreciate the gifts God gave you to make beautiful
and you in me reigns as the only star.
I'm in my solitude with this soul so empty
and I fill it to make you mine forever.

Today no matter what the past really was
because you see the rebirth of another spring.
You are to me that this new morning
I saw rain in time of drought through my window.

I tried to forget so vain
because my reason can not control what my soul feels.
Try to convince me that does not deserve you
but even in the dream, you're not on anyone but me.

In life not everything has an owner
and there are things that come to us as it appears a dream.
You offer me your love as a precious thing
and receive it in my hands like a beautiful rose.

When I'm with you, I have it all
and not know why I recognize that I adore.
That same God who made each night star
made me fall in love with you by making you so beautiful.

Sometimes I feel like a river running to the sea
to go where you without the logic that makes me wonder.
God made you for me so beautiful, soft and clear
and you would be foolish if I did not love you.

God made us each night and shining star
But it was only me that made you so beautiful.
The poderte not want to be a nameless pain
because God made woman to be your man.

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