Life: That Great Bowl Of Cherries

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How many times in life have you wanted a winner without the work and not gotten one? Well, that is the big punch line to the joke of life. We all have to understand the pitfalls and how not to lose (which means sometimes or mostly actually losing temporarily, then making a comeback permanently) to make a viable winner. Luck and good fortune are just that, luck and good fortune. Permanent winning takes understanding the pitfalls and even using them to your advantage to win repeatedly.

That is the way God planned it! That is the way God wants it to be!

I am quoting Billy Preston's song called "That's The Way God planned It" co-produced with George Harrison of The Beatles fame. I quote that not to rub any faces in anything except the honest reality that God planned reality and nothing outside of God can stop that plan, not even the Devil, although he causes a few problems during that fulfillment and gives a good "dinner and floor show like Las Vegas" to all who follow the Devil until they are disappointed by God fulfilling God's plan. I start out in this "funny" strange and striking way to say, "I get it! That is the way God planned it, that is the way he wants it to be, no matter what."

If you remember losing, and do not want to repeat losing, how can you repeat losing?

In reality, repeatable winning is just temporary failure fully understood, so that winning through experience repeatedly could happen. I am not writing about luck and fortune, I am writing about winning through experience and repeatable winning. In fact, luck and fortune, and first-time success is the opposite of what I am writing about.

Also, I am writing a chapter in the Bible of Nature or B.O.N., we will call it a bon-bon for short. How is that for humor?

Also, according to evolution, God wished us a "bon voyage" and good luck when he created everything over billions of years. I get it? I am not saying evolution or creationism are absolutes or totally valid. But, I get the reality that reality is a Bible of Nature Voyage that we do not understand the ultimate purpose of except that we are to grow up and exist better ultimately.

So, back to the subject of winning and losing: In fighting, the best teachers of the science of fighting teach us how to fall first. The worst teachers or really beginning teachers of fighting teach us the "knock out punch" first. What I mean by those facts in the subject of winning and losing is that we must learn how to get beat and keep fighting before we can win repeatedly or have a reputation as the baddest fighter there is.

So, let me explain the secret formula of the "Rocky" movies: Okay, Rocky Balboa starts out a boxer who knows how to lose big, then he gets a chance to win against the World Champion with all that knowledge of how to lose. Come on, if that does not explain fully what was going on with those movies, I do not know what does.

So, to be the best, you must pay in sweat and effort to be the best. How do I mean that? Well, to win repeatedly, you must know all the pitfalls. I am not saying "cheat", but I am saying understand fully what you are dealing with and do not quit, see temporary failure as a learning process. After all, "traditional cheating" and "getting away with it" is for lucky people and losers who want something for nothing. The biggest losers look for that one time "golden ticket" or "sliver bullet" anyway. The biggest winners lose temporarily and then repeat until they win permanently. In short, they have the patience to take the pits out of the cherries or plums and then eat the fruit. That's the way God planned it, that's the way God wants it to be!


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