Leo is No Lion

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It is a description of my dog, and his character. He is just my cuddly golden retriever, and I love his loyalty.

Leo is No Lion.

My dog was born in August, with the star sign of Leo, so that is what we called him, but that is where the similarity ends. He is a fluffy golden retriever, who enjoys walking, eating ,and sleeping in equal measure. When he is in sleep mode, although he is not a lightweight, he will endeavour to join you on the couch, and within seconds, his eyes close, and his body becomes heavy and limp.

If he is naughty, and you scold him, his eyes implore you not to be cross, and I never can be for long. He also loves to sit by my foot, and his presence is somehow very soothing, especially if you stroke his silky fur.

He is shy and nervous with other dogs, and although he loves people, he jumps with fear at the sound of a loud voice. He is probably the most docile dog I have ever had, but he is most endearing. According to my dog manual, the guarding ability of a retriever is low, but my little hero has the bark of an Alsatian, deep and powerful, and behind the safety of our front door, he will discourage strangers or anyone he thinks are a threat, from entering. He makes me feel safe, just with his bark, and I love him for his loyalty. Your dog is certainly your very best friend.


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author avatar Sheri Bauer
14th Jun 2010 (#)

Leo is beautiful!

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author avatar drelayaraja
15th Jun 2010 (#)

Lovely share ;)

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author avatar Wonder
16th Jun 2010 (#)

A good share.

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