Laughing the troubles away

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A little light hearted reading to ease the stress and tension and enable people to take a break from their hectic professional and personal schedules

Laughter is good for the soul

(1) Girls are living proof that what a guy puts in isn't always what he gets out.

(2) The problem doesn't lie between keyboard and chair, it lies between brain and hand

(3) To love someone doesn't mean tattooing them on your body or on your heart for that matter

(4) The only triangle not worth solving is a love triangle

(5) No matter what angle you look at it, your shadow will always be attached to you

(6) Thoughts are almost like vehicles, both can travel vast distances, the only difference is that thoughts don't cost you an arm and a leg

(7) Don't interrupt a girl when she's doing her hair. You might just end up feeling her heat as well as that of her hair dryer and curling iron.

(8) The only book worth throwing at me is a maths book

(9) A.slightly chubby person should use a scale to weigh up his or her options

(10) If I failed physical science how can I tell if there is chemistry between me and my girlfriend?

(11) If love was in the air, the wind must have blown it away because right now I feel nothing

(12) Remembering to forget is worse than forgetting to remember

(13) If someone tales your breath away, how are you supposed to live long enough for you two to get married?

(14) If black is supposed to symbolise evil and ugliness, why do some of the sweetest girls look so awesome in black?

(15) If a picture can tell a thousand words, why is it that we don't communicate via pictures all the time?

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21st Apr 2012 (#)

NIce. Thanks for the tips.

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