Kevin Bridges - Putting The 'B' in Banter

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An upbeat review of a terrifically talented stand up comedian.
'Topping The Bill' is 27 year old Scottish comedy great Kevin on to find out more.

Stand Up Comedy At It's Best

Stand Up Comedy is perhaps one of the most courageous roles within the world of entertainment...there is no option for a re-take in front of a live audience.

Such entertainers have to deliver 'in the moment' to keep their audience on board ...with no margin for error within their routine.

Kevin Bridges has the ability to captivate live audiences in their thousands with his amazing comic flow, this young man is completely unfazed in the presence of huge audiences whilst on stage, he has the aptitude of interacting with his audience in such a laid back manner...that it's almost as if he's just having a bit of banter with his mates in the pub.

Kevin performed his first stand up routine at the age of 17, and over a decade...has become one of Britain's most popular and successful comedians.

The wonderful thing about Kevin Bridges is that he is still 'just the everyday guy in the street'.
Fame and fortune hasn't changed this guy at all, he remains very much a person who has his feet placed firmly on the ground.....his heart belonging to his home town of Glasgow
His deep affection for his Scottish Heritage and Glasgow roots.. are warmly prominent within his comedy routines.

The Legendary 'KEV.I.N'

Here's a taster of Kevin's comedy genus... a hilarious clip on his perception of Black Eyed Peas musician Will.I.Am...with a little 'relationship advice' thrown in!!

'Sucker For A Bargain'

Kevin Bridges talks about the 'Glasgow code of understanding' in this comically brilliant performance, a must watch tonic.... if you could use a good laugh.

The Glasgow 'Empty'

Kevin describes the scene at 'an empty' in this clip.
As he explains, an empty is the term used when 'the parents' of the house have vacated the family home for a period of time...and it's open season for the youth of the house who do not wish to join the family in the said 'vacation' but are old enough to remain in the family home.... unsupervised.
The idea being that the beneficiary of the empty...immediately becomes the host/hostess of the expected and customary ....'house party'

For any required assistance with Glasgow dialogue and terminology....please refer to my post...Streetwise...The University Of Life... (ha ha ha)

And here's an actual live empty....

'Fictional' Chad Hogan's High School Spring Break Party

Kevin created a fictional character.. American Chad Hogan... and incorporated Chad into his comedy performances...the idea being to invent a comical division between how the youth of America go about celebrating 'an empty' in comparison to the youth of Scotland.

Kevin became quite 'attached' to his fictional character Chad in the duration of his performances, everyone who was familiar with Kevin's comedy routines felt like they actually knew Chad Hogan and the fictional Chad became a very popular character in the UK as a result.

In this clip... we were introduced to the fictional Chad Hogan.

But Chad Hogan Really Lives....

This is Kevin's own words taken from an interview, in which he talks about he how he discovered that there is an actual real live Chad Hogan.

“We got an email from this guy out in Utah, who said he had been inundated with friend requests from all these Scottish kids, so he did some research and came across me.
Apparently he finds the whole thing hilarious...I didn't know he existed, the name thing is just a coincidence"

...So When Kevin Bridges Met Chad Hogan....It Was Really Time To Party

BBC Television approached Kevin to make a documentary about his career.

During the filming of the documentary, Kevin Flew to Utah to meet the real live Chad Hogan, it was fantastic viewing, and the whole of the UK got the chance to meet the iconic Chad Hogan too.

The two got on like a house on fire and Chad threw a big party for Kevin in his Utah home.

This is a clip of the party in full swing

For The Youth Of The World...A Dedication To The Joy Of The 'Empty'

The International meaning of an empty
aye it's the same wherever ye go
somebody somewhere is 'huvin a party'
an everybody gets tae know..

Nae parents tae cramp the style
or tae shout "turn that music doon"
it starts oan a Friday night..
right through tae the Sunday afternoon..

Who cares whit the neighbours think..
or whit they huv tae say...
aye the youth of the world are havin a blast
so they'll no get in the way...

Aye a good time shall be had by all
cos it's only the once that yer young
whit's the big deal aboot a wee bit noise
so gie us peace an haud yer tongue

Oh shit!!...who burned the whole in the carpet..
an who threw up oan the suite..
ouch we'll just say the neighbours broke in
an indulged in a weekend retreat...

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15th Jul 2014 (#)

Thanks for the moderation and the star Steve, much appreciated

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15th Jul 2014 (#)

Nice article, good read.

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author avatar Mariah
15th Jul 2014 (#)

Thank you very much for reading and commenting snerfu

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15th Jul 2014 (#)

Interesting indeed Mariah with lots to enjoy - the videos and music too - though I could not follow the dialogue at times and that is excusable! siva

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15th Jul 2014 (#)

ha ha ha..of course it's excusable... I never set any easy task with the Glasgow dialogue do I Siva..but I really appreciate you taking the time to read the post and watch the videos, you always have a go at it my friend...and I'm not overlooking that Alex Ferguson is no longer on the horizon.. which went some way in assisting with the lingo in the past ha ha..Thank you so much Siva

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16th Jul 2014 (#)

A fantastic post, the man is funny.

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16th Jul 2014 (#)

He is indeed..thank you Utah glad you enjoyed it

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17th Jul 2014 (#)

Very fun read...Almost missed this page...upbeat all the way glad I didn't...!

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Ha ha you know me well Delicia and how I love a bit of humour and that I enjoy sharing the laughter, I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it, I know you enjoy a wee laugh too my friend, thank you for your great comments...there is of course a large hug is on the way over to you now lol xxx

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5th Aug 2014 (#)

Great post, enjoyed reading.

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6th Aug 2014 (#)

Thank you vellur...a little bit of banter does us all good sometimes x

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9th Sep 2014 (#)

Oh my gosh, UK comedy is the tops as well another Scott, like our own Fergie in CBS at Late Nights, this chap is great!

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10th Sep 2014 (#)

ha ha he's a riot isn't he Fern, nothing beats a great laugh eh
thanks for dropping by.. good to see you back home in the house

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