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Here I have shared few random jokes which I like very much

Random Jokes

..... Two ladies met in heaven. The first lady asked the second, "Madam, How did you die?". The second lady replied, " I dont know. I was pushed into a very cold place and I was suffocating. The next thing I remember is that I was dead!! Ok you tell me how you died?"

The first lady replied," Well, actually I was happily married. But for the past few months I noticed some changes in my husband's behavior. I suspected him about having an affair. So yesterday, I acted as if I was going to my office. I waited near the end of the lane for sometime. After an hour, I returned home. He was sitting on the couch. But I somehow strongly felt that he was cheating on me. So I started running around my house. First I ran up to the bedroom, but I could not find any one there. Still I did not stop running. I searched in bathroom, washroom, lobby everywhere. I ran so much that my heart beat went erratic. So I collapsed near the fridge and died there."

The other lady replied, " If only you had opened the fridge, we both could have lived!!!"

....... Once a man's wife was going to Italy. He went to the airport to give her an send-off. Just before checking in at the airport, his wife asked him," Dear You want anything from Italy? I shall get it for you." But the man replied, " Have a safe journey, that is all I want". But his wife was insisting him to ask for something.

So he told her, "okay, get me an Italian girl..". Then the wife boarded the plane. The next month when she came back, jokingly asked her " where is my Italian girl??". The wife replied, " Please wait for 9 months to know whether it is a boy or a girl !!!"

........ Once NASA was trying to launch a spaceship. But somehow it was not getting launched. A world conference of great scientists was held to discuss the problem, but somehow, no one was able to fix the problem. They tried reassembling all the components. But how much ever they tried they were unable to launch the spaceship. One day, illiterate man goes to NASA. He tells them that he will be able to launch the spaceship. Everyone is cynical about it, but nevertheless they allow him to try.

He told them to do whatever he said. He told them, first tilt the spaceship 30 degrees to left and then 30 degrees to right. Do this some 3-4 times and then try launching.
When they did as he told, to their amazement the space shuttle got launched.
Then the officials asked him how he was able to do this, and to this he replied, "I our country we start Bajaj scooters this way ..."


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author avatar Rathnashikamani
10th Jul 2013 (#)

I enjoyed good laughs.

To me, the last one is the best one.

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author avatar vsuriya93
18th Jul 2013 (#)

Me too...

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author avatar LOVERME
10th Jul 2013 (#)

for the first time
i laffed and all could hear including me..
...good stuff kid keep it up

but quote some sexy ones this is an adulterated site hahahahahaaaaaaa

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author avatar vsuriya93
18th Jul 2013 (#)

Thank you very much,

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