Jokes to turn the blues away

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Yet more jokes and wit to brighten up your day and chase away any negativity or blues you may have. Just the thing you need if you're having a rough day or a miserable relatuonship or you've hit a rough patch in your life or relationship

The lighter side of life

(1) The only way I'd love to die is if I'm electrified by the her love.

(2) My experience with the doctor increased my "metalbolism" because he had to insert
metal in my bones to straighten them out.

(3) They say metal are good heat conductors but love conducts heat much better.

(4) Wondered what they meant when they said there is more of me to love, but when I
looked in the mirror I saw exactly what they meant!

(5) When I'm with you my heart beats louder and heavier than a sound system but at
the same time lighter and softer than a feather.

(6) I can see the mini there but where exactly is the skirt?

(7) Wonder what's rising faster per day, you or the petrol price?

(8) The only time I can see myself on you is when you're holding a mirror

(9) Humans have a more powerful engine than any car

(10) I love all kinds of numbers, especially phone numbers

(11) I love all kinds of figures, especially those that can be touched but not figured out

(12) I bought a new string so that I can string you along

(13) Trying to convince you of anything is like playing tug of war with a 100 ton truck!

(14) I can't remember how to do maths, can you buy me more RAM?

(15) You talk like a lion and kiss like a vulture

(16) I owe you half a dollar, so let me cut this dollar in half and give it to you

(17) Money belongs in the bank, not in someone's dreams and not in someone's heart

(18) You can pull the plug on my PC but you can't pull the plug on my dreams

(19) Credit cards are more addictive than drugs, more deadly than murderers

(20) The only thing worth smoking and drinking is love and life

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2nd May 2012 (#)

I love this piece, thanks for the great share

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