Is your brain more powerful than a computer? If yes how much?

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Do you really think that computers are perfect? Are they more powerful then a computer? Well of course, you know that they are, but exactly how much, why can't a computer beat us, how long would it really take for them to catch us? You know that your brain is the most complex, most powerful machine on this planet, but a high grade computer can be better at a few tasks, if our brain perform the same tasks as a computer, how good will it be?

How much a computer operations can your brain perform?

Well, with existing knowledge it is about 38000 Trillion per second.
How about a computer?
About a 100,000 times slower (according to IBM developer of BlueGene).
It modeled a brain for 1 sec, but took 40 minutes to do that.
K simulated 1% of brain activity, it has 83000 processors.

Why is that?

1.A brain processes in parallel, that is multitask to solve problems.
2.It has a natural processing way built over by evolution in millions of years, computers are around for about couple hundred years.
3.Some natural responses just cannot be matched right now. Synapse is a much complex signal than those used in a computer.
4.It evolves itself, learns new things and can even grow to form new connections.
5.Its just based on a technology much better than those in a computer, the connections are much smaller, a single neuron can carry out many functions, whereas, a chip will be built for a single one.
6.Computers haven't have much time to be evolved to that extent.
7.Complex codes and chemicals used in our body are just too much to be handled by merely 0 and 1s.
Well, there may a lot more, you may come up with a lot more, the bottom line is the technology used by our brain beats ours in every way.

What is so fascinating? What you probably never thought of before this?

Our brain fits inside our head, still beats all of the devices build by us, a large supercomputer, the bests in the world combined cannot be powerful than a single brain. It takes up energy to power a light bulb, the Chinese supercomputer considered the best in the world takes up more electricity than what used to power 10 houses.
It uses a combination of chemical and electrical signals, different combinations of molecules are much more involved in processing, while computer is entirely based on electrical signals, chemical reaction is much slower than electricity, still the brain is so fast, the semiconductors are all based on mostly one single thing for most computers, while analog signal is used in our brain. You cannot even think an analog machine right now to be as powerful as that, digital machines have been more researched and proved to be better for computers, maybe that will change? Every single cell is a small program itself, and there are millions, and they all work together.

Computers do not make mistakes? Yes, that is why they are better than us. Really?

While the brain is so complex, large, we do make much more mistakes, computers are just better at things, well here you might be wrong. We always think computers do not make mistakes, right, absolutely, but what if they are larger than your brain, will the efficiency remain same?
No, not at all, a large program you ever use, had never been perfect, building such a large computer based on human effort will be full of bugs. To reach us they will have to opt for a different kind of technology, maybe not discovered or known to us. Our cells are manage both memories and functions, operations and are just a network, adopts itself to improve and is remarkably efficient.

So what are they used for? Can we work without them?

They are machines, tools for now, but just as we cannot replace a simple screw driver for our hand, we cannot replace computers.

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19th Sep 2014 (#)

Typo in the first line with repeating the word "computers" and in the title of the first section, and there are a few others just so you know. Fixing these will make this article shine like it should! Very fascinating, the mind and computational advances are very interesting and research in these fields will make huge breakthroughs in science and medicine in the coming years, thanks for writing this!

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