Instead of burn, baby, burn: Think, Baby, Think! Then take action.

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This article is based on my favorite Martin Luther King, Jr. quote: "Instead of burn, baby, burn, you better earn, baby, earn!"

I can honestly and realistically say this:

We all have character, and it is up to all of us to make it good or bad. With that said, I begin this article: Once, I read a book about Jay Gould's business career and personal life called "Gould's Millions" by Richard O'Connor and I realized that in life and in business, the best way to do it is the direct way to do it. This is where I preach in the ultimate way "earn, baby, earn" over "burn, baby, burn". Sure, any moron with bad cooking or a match lit can burn down a house, but to earn the best living, it takes power and character used correctly and realistically. Correctness, abject honesty that is pure, and genuine realism are "arcane subjects", sure, but what better can we do in life than be honest with ourselves and everyone else we can about it all: Nothing.

International Business Reality, or "IBR over IBM"

Okay, so I lifted this succinct article off of a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote and Thomas J. Watson, Sr. with his IBM or International Business Machine advertisement quotes of "Think" spelled different ways and on different signs all over the place. You know, the National Cash Register or NCR is not even that honest about it all. After all, the international business reality is that survival is the key to life and death, all else comes second. I challenge you to genuinely look at things in this honest, mercenary and realistic way.

In all honesty and fairness, I can say:

Resillence and persistence are power, nothing else is. Without those things life is just a valentine of tears and disappointment. Sure, I could be less direct and realistic, but, as I am writing the rest of this article, I am realizing that the above was only half of the story. This is the rest of the story.

Reality to be conqured, must be succinctly obeyed. For example, when jumping off a high structure without the benefit of avionics or rational anti-gravity, you will succumb to falling without any thing to stop it, unless a sufficient rational opposing force that stops the fall or a cushion can. So, as reality works, it must be implicitly obeyed to be conqured in that sense. Sure, anyone that tells you reality can be won against easily is spinning a bad yarn and if you want that from me, you are not getting that from me. Go somewhere else. Being real, honest and non-conformist is my stock and trade in reality.

I may be ridiculous to some or many, but I will say this: You cannot beat God, reality, all that is and everything that counts. I have tried and I was nearly suicidal in my frustration. I understand fully now, but understanding comes hard, not easy. After all what do you really think really cures madness anyway? That ultmate sanity that says and means "you shall not get away with it, cheater." I will explain the context I mean the word "cheater" in, too. A cheater is one who wants an unnatural advantage or tries to take an unnatural advantage dishonestly outside of the bounds of reality and God's law. With that said, reality comes down to obeying it implicitly and winning or trying to irrationally "beat" reality and losing. That's it.

As my mind and fingers write the rest of this article in that order:

So, when I say "stuff" like earn, baby, earn in an article, you get where I am coming from. My mind cannot operate too irrationally anymore or idiotic negative mysticism is "beyond my capacity" to comprehend. In short, reality is where I live and to accept otherwise would genuinely be irrational for me. My wake up call "number one" was when my elementary school counselor at Rainbow Bridge Center named Faye Alpaugh in 1984 when I ran down "my laundry list of misery in life" including my dying Dad, Mom in denial and drunk uncle that "seemed alright" to others and my sister dropping me like a "bad habit" when I gave her good advice that made sense. Faye just answered with a shrug and said that I was making it up. Sure it felt bad at the time, but it was good for me in the long run to realize that the only way to win over reality is to obey it fully and go through it, then understand it.

Sure, you or anyone can cry ridiculous all that is desired if you desire to, but you still cannot really cheat anyone, including yourself. Reality is what is, and it cannot be circumvented. We all can only deal with it.


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23rd Jan 2020 (#)

I am happy to find a blog on Think, Baby, Think! This is an interesting blog.

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23rd Jan 2020 (#)

Thank you, Lesa! :)

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