Infamously, "The whole thing's rigged"!

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Some would say "take it too seriously and die". Some would say "do not take it seriously enough and get killed. My personal point of view is "God and good have rigged everything, so, it is best to understand that God is the 'casino house' and the genuine devil is the dinner and the floor show to make things interesting while you are in the 'casino house'/playground. With that said, I begin this funny story:

What is the role of Tom Jones and Wayne Newton in Las Vegas over forty plus years, anyway?

When you think of dinner and a floor show to make things interesting in "Sin City" in its heyday, you think of Tom Jones or Wayne Newton getting a thirty million dollar paycheck while the house gets billions off of "satisfied gambling customers" the same way that God gets everything, while the little devils do dinner, a floor show, or civil unrest of that sort.

More deeply, it is all in the "recipe of reality", good wins, but evil gets its say first, whether it is as whimsical as Tom Jones and Wayne Newton or as sadly serious as a serial killer doing their thing and then getting caught for their fifteen "whoopee" minutes of infamy and Ann Rule books and Nancy Grace appearances. In the recipe of reality, Good always does win, but sometimes it has a convoluted and interesting way of doing its winning.


Interestingly, I mention those two letters in the title above, because, they have come to represent how the principle I am writing about in this article really works. Moreover, I believe the end of America, apple pie, and "normal values" ended with those two letters above in America, and became a the most genuine Camelot type myth in history if there ever was one. Face it, America "as we know it" even before the car chase and all of that happened was as fictional as the "1950s Happy Days", but the reality had to hit us on the door of the television screen like Martin Luther himself in the "1700s sad days" had to reform the church with signs on the Church Castle doors in Germany. All I am going to say also in this section is this short diatribe called "O.J." is that no matter how unnaturally evil seems to prevail for a while, Good always wins after that dinner and a floor show called "the parade of lawyers, bad guys, criminals, and devilish tendencies". Note the use of the word "tendencies", and you'll realize that Good is natural, evil is not.


"As long as I don't win, it's rigged and if I do win, the people have spoken. That's it, I'm hired." Although, I voted for the winning candidate, considering the popular vote logically, I did not expect to win, and the last four or five presidential/major elections that happened since I turned 18 years old in 1993, I always voted for the loser uniformly, whether it be the stripper Mary Cook for the Governor's race in California or John Kerry in the Bush-Kerry 2004 races. But winning this made me do a pirouette in my mind, like, there is something bigger and more amazing going on here or Good will win after "dinner and a floor show" from evil for an hour. Let me put it another way, Good has the universe, evil just makes appearances for interesting entertainment. That is all.


Everything is rigged ultimately for good to rule the roost, really, otherwise we could not exist in any way, shape or form, in reality. To believe in the losing team when you know it is going to lose is stupid, however good the pitch is. With that simple evil exposed: Who wants to be good and win?

So, who knows, business and death as usual will not work, so reality has different plans for us all. Reality is geared toward life.

"Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream until the chicken crosses the road and dodges cars!" I heard that from a bad stand up comic once at Hermosa Beach< California at "The Comedy and Magic Show". What more need I say to make things interesting? "It will be all right."

We all lost, we all won

And the winner is, everyone who understands. Sure, I can tell you that reality because: Is it not true and honest that everyone who does not understand and wants things to be "normal forever", gets left behind in genuine chaos going "what's up with it all?" While the real order happens for all those who admit the genuine understanding in and genuinely lives with it.

So, listen, everything is rigged, the good guys always genuinely win, while the bad guys put on a floor show for awhile like God owns the Universe, and the devil gets to have a little fun in it making it interesting with his "thrilling adds to the plot" like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini putting on a good show in Europe before spectacularly falling or anything like that in history, past, present or future. But, no matter what, the winners will be the winners for real and for all genuine glory toward God/The Universe/All of It/Everything. But ultimately, we all lost, we all won. Get it? Dome of the greatest wins in reality come from the seemingly greatest losses like the 3M company made sticky notes from that failed adhesive and paper that are so popular for so many bookmarking applications in paperback and hardcover books and paper folders now. The same simple principle applies to most or all realities, a seeming failure is simply a different sort of success.

What now?

We all hear about the evolution of circumstances and change, and can only ask the infamous question: What now? Well, I can honestly tell you my opinion of "What now?", but not any facts, you have to decide on those yourself. Here they are: Since it is time to grow up and get real about it all now, and there will not be as many handouts, since there will be work for all of us to do as well as realistic growth, there is not really any "what now?" There is only action to take and realistic things to do, there is not any real "what now?" in my humble opinion and personal reality.

Looking at things as differently as I do, I see this time with its Trump Presidency and people being tired of "handouts", "big government regulation" without individual understanding, and all things genuinely chaotic as that time to take action, grow up, get real and get wise genuinely. I look at handouts this way anyway: Handouts are for kids that are given candy, realistic earning is for adults that earn pay. It is time for those of us who genuinely can become adults, to become adults. Without that adulthood in reality, we cannot lead ourselves, let alone think for ourselves. Without that adulthood, we are kids waiting for a handout or an allowance, no earning power. So, when I ask "what now?", I could also say that initiative now, do something yourself, for yourself now. After all, why is Booker T. Washington so remembered and there are rampant copies of the book "Up From Slavery" in pocket paperback, anyway? Listen, we were all slaves in a way when we were kids, but now we are adults and must act like such, think like such and be such. Sure, I am putting down on the screen my reality and opinion at the same time, but more importantly, thinking is something I want you to do as well as take action. Action is where the rubber meets the road, especially rational action. But start by thinking about it, then take the right action. After all, in my reality, rational action with thought behind is what now.

So, with that said, read my page I write after this section about rejecting envy, and taking rational thought and action for yourself.


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