In my life, faith counts more than dwarf tossing (tolerance in life is key)

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Last night, I watched an old Clint Eastwood movie called "Kelly's Heroes" about a World War II bank caper. Yes, it was a movie about a bank robbery, I do not care about what Clint Eastwood's lead character Lieutenant Tom Kelly said about it being "a private capitalist venture operation within military confines."

It's a funny thing, but:

I mention a movie like "Kelly's Heroes" to open this article with a bang, because thinking about the reality of human greed and avarice cannot be avoided or left behind except in the dreams of people who think they are saints with obvious sins tattooed on the furrows of their worried eyebrows straining not to sin, want or be greedy in some way. Have you ever thought that the devil's real tools are those people trying to force sainthood out of themselves?

Listen, I said a long time ago: "To hell with trying to be a saint, I will go through all the sins, understand them and if it is worth it to be a saint, then and only then, I will be a saint." For example, I do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes or pot/marijuana anymore at all. But, from my teens until I was about twenty-three years old, I got drunk regularly, and smoked two or three packs of unfiltered Camel cigarettes a day, and all the other bad stuff you can do to yourself self-destructively, and it all just stopped at the age I said because it was not worth it to me anymore. I am forty-two now, and on that, I have not looked back or slid back into old habits. As I said in another article, living with blind religion without experiencing sin is avoiding hell without knowing what it is without any experience except an intellectual knowledge that it is bad. For them, a bump of curiosity and "what is it like?" exists for those people usually. But genuine spirituality comes from knowing what hell is fully, understanding it fully and not wanting to go back there if you know what I mean. My case is the latter: I do not want to go back to hell, that is why I am genuinely spiritual, and deep into it, too. But I am not like some Jehovah's Witness trying to save anybody about it though. I just genuinely practice what I preach, am preaching and most importantly, I am living.

Sure, I still recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans, among other things, out of trash cans and I do not have "the best diet in the world". But, I do the best I can with what I have and understand. That, I understand is all that God can ask of me. Which is why I am a Gnostic and a Lutheran in a devout way. Like I said, I have been to hell, and only through understanding that can heaven be fully appreciated. I think John Milton and Martin Luther knew those facts to a very good extent of realistic knowledge. So, that brings me to a point: What is good? Is it a genuine knowledge of right and wrong for yourself through trial and error or is it someone telling you "do not do this and that" and you simply listen and avoid the wrong without questioning? After all, Eden was really a laboratory to start this process on purpose if it comes down to that. Why do you think God put those trees not to eat there, anyway?

Yeah, what about dwarf tossing?

Listen without prejudice. Read without prejudice. Think without fearfulness of what you can learn for yourself. With that said, before you toss the dwarf, ask the dwarf how it feels about being tossed around, then think about that activity deeply if you were the dwarf being tossed. I bet, with those thoughts, I am making you cry instead of laugh or laugh so much that you want to cry. But, I am beginning an important thought process here for you and me.

Empathy is an important part of tolerance, a very important part of it. If it wasn't, then I would be just another guy writing about dry, technical boredom without value instead of something honestly looking at things differently.

Look, The Beatles said "All you need is love". We can only genuinely appreciate love if we look at hate honestly too. I did not say embrace or "take in" hate. But, I did say look at hate honestly and objectively. So, when I ask about dwarf tossing, that is what I mean.

Deal with it.

Deal with it, that is all we can do. I was going to publish this section with those words: Deal with it, that is all we can do. Without mincing words though, I will write more: There is nothing else we can do except deal with it, gain understanding and do it right next time. Only the weak and very lucky get it right the first time anyway. The strong are trial and error masters of temporary failure and then ultimate success. Get a clue: Deal with it, that is all we can do. That is what I mean by "tolerance is the key". Can you dig it and not dig a hole for yourself but climb to glory? For those of you who read this and have a really deep "huh? I don't get it!", I feel genuinely sorry for you. For those of you who genuinely realize what it is all about, I say a simple: "Yes!"


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