Hurry up and punch it. Wait!

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"We all want to win, but who loves to train to win?" Mark Spitz, eight time Olympic Gold Medal Winner, and the guy who won gold medals after him in the Olympics wanted to party for a while before he trained some more and won more gold hardware at the most recent Olympics in Rio, Brazil. That other guy was Michael Phelps, but this is not his story.

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Hurry up, punch it, do it now! Wait. Is that not the most irritating way to live that there is, yet it happens to us every day somewhere. For, indeed, timing is everything. Even Dr. Laurence J. Peter says so in his books where everything "rises to its level of standard incompetence", and C. Northcote Parkinson with his infamous laws drops it on you in this way: "Delay is the deadliest form of denial."

Think about it, what is half of Ecclesiastes in the Christian Bible about, to everything there is a season, a reason and a time to turn, turn, turn, plow and reap.

I mention Mark Spitz and Michael Phelps at the beginning of this article because reality comes down to timing, training, and action at the right time. But since so many are in a rush, who has time to do action all the time at the right time, which is why there are so few winners, so to speak.

Joshua Clayton or Joshua in The Holy B.I.B.L.E.

The Holy Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, so I see why I was named after Joshua in the Christian Holy Bible. We all have great hopes for ourselves, do we not? Sometimes we fall short, and sometimes we do even better than we planned. It is all in the perceptions we have and timing is everything. Sure, this is where I am serious with a little humor between the lines, but, reality comes down to what we are. Our thinking and doing is what it comes down to. After all, one of the key lines in the book of Joshua is the courageous line "Choose this day who you will serve" which proves that we need to make a choice in existence, and not just be bookends placed this way or that by the whims of fear.

So, when I think of Joshua Clayton: I think of the evolution of that message "Choose this day who you will serve." into "Make a choice of what your purpose is, it is all you have, a definite major purpose to live for." After all, I read a lot of Napoleon Hill, so my message and reality had to evolve that way in my life and existence. Plus: Like a ton of clay, my message of Joshua is solid, I think, for once I make a definite choice, I am not good at changing it anyhow, or I make a decision quick and change it very, very slow. According to the same Napoleon Hill, successful businessman Henry Ford had that habit also. Deliberation is my specialty and going forward on a reality with thorough knowledge of it is my reality.


To my way of thinking, a choice always has to be made, or lethargy and stagnation set in. We cannot just go through life saying "Huh? Make the choice for me!" Reality comes down to what we can do for ourselves? Well, we must start by making a genuine choice. Remember the line I gave you from the Book of Joshua: "Choose this day who you will serve."


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