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Laugh before it is forbidden to laugh, because laughter makes people stay young, and the laughter of mind can be Fress,Laughter is healthy.

Following on Four Student Exam

There are 4 students who happened to be late to take semester exams due to oversleep.
They then develop strategies to compact the love of the same reasons that they were kind enough to give teachers supplementary exam.
Student A: sir, sorry we are late to take semester exams
Student B: yes sir. The four of us who ride public transportation each and angkotnya tire burst.
Student C: yes we are sorry for the same driver. We would help him install a new tire.
Student D: therefore we ask you for the kindness of our follow-up exams.
The professor thought for a while and eventually allow them to take the exam aftershocks.

The next day follow-up examinations carried out, but the four students were asked to do the exam in 4 different rooms. "Ah, maybe I'll not cheat," thought the students. Apparently there are only two exam questions. With the new provision allowed them to see and do about the second after the completion of work on the problems first.

The first matter is very easy with the weight value of 10. These four students work with a smile a smile.
Read about the second turn with the weight value of 90. A cold sweat started pouring.
On the second question reads:
"Yesterday, where the tire exploded next to public transportation?

Ideal guy girl

Girls: where the brothers work?
Guy: I just attempt some 4 and 5 star hotel in Jakarta and Bali ...
Girls: (WAW ... Conglomerate sure!) ... Mas live where?
Guy: Pondok Indah Golf Bukit ...
Girls: (WAW cool for ... The people of "The Haves") must be well ... big house?
Guys ...: oh no ... Nothing really ... just 3000 m2 ...
Girls: (Busett!) must be well ... the car lot?
Guy: Just a little really ... Ferrari. Jaguar. Mercedes. BMW. Mazda ...
Girls: (Well I dream guy nihh!) Brother has a wife ...?
Guy: Hmm ... Until now ... hehe ...
Girls: (nice to ya if I can be his wife, ...) brothers smoke?
Guy: No smoking ... it's not good for your health ...
Girls: (Wahh healthy!) Brother like drinking?
Guy: oops Not ...
Girls: (Mad ... Cool out!) Brother maen like gambling?
Guy: Not doing well ... gambling? splurging money just
Girl: (... So sweett Ooohhhh ...) so my brother does not like clubbing?
Guy: No no ...
Girls: (Iihh ... ya really pious man!) Brother already pilgrimage?
Guy: Well ... the new 3x and 6x umra ...
Girls: (Subhanallah ... prospective heavenly ...) what is the brother hobbies?
Guy: LIED ......

learn wisdom

A dervish wanted to learn about the wisdom of life of Nasrudin. Nasrudin was willing, with a note that the policy can only be learned by practice. The dervish Nasrudin was willing to accompany and look at his behavior.

That night Nasrudin rubbing wood to make fire. The little fire-blown tiupnya. "Why do you blow fire?" asked the dervish.

"To be more heat and more heat," said Nasrudin.

After the great fire, Nasrudin cook soup. Into hot soup. Nasrudin poured it into two bowls. He took the bowl, then blew sopnya.

"Why did you blow the soup?" asked the dervish.

"To be more cool and good to eat," said Nasrudin.

"Ah, I guess I did not learn of you," retorted the dervish, "You can not be consistent with your knowledge."

Ah, consistency.


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