How Much Longer?

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Since living seems to be bad for our health, why haven't the doctors fixed it, yet?

Good Health

I know that age is not a guarantee of good health. Babies are born with health problems & accidents happen to people of all ages. Some people seem to enjoy very good health until the day they die at an old age. The majority of people go through life with a series of illnesses with differing degrees of seriousness. The common cold, sprained ankles, hangnails, & teenage acne most people just deal with on their own. More serious problems need a doctor's help.

Now that all these doctors have finished their schooling & have had years of "practice" I think it's time for them to really go to work. Modern medicine has developed to the point of near miraculous. They can't create life, but they can repair the bodies the life is in.

Body Repairs

Staring at the top of the body, doctors can implant hair, smooth wrinkles, & lift chins.
Eyes can be repaired by corneal implants, contact lenses, or glasses although there are a few problems with eyes that they can't fix at this time. They can implant teeth, now, in place of dentures, too.

Going down the body, there are skin grafts available, almost all major organs can be
repaired, replaced, or removed if not vital. Major joints can be replaced when they wear out & ingrown toenails can be fixed. Bones can even be straightened when & where needed. Don't forget implants for enlargement & liposuction for reduction, as well.


So with all these various possible body repairs, why can't the doctors quit just
"practicing" medicine & do some complete body transplants? You know, move the brain, if it is functional, & the better parts of the personality, as soon as it can be located, into a new body that is a standard height & shape. That way "one size would fit all" for real. Imagine having a new body where all the parts work on demand & without complaint. My husband & I each want one right now!


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author avatar raman13
21st Jul 2010 (#)

Great Stuff
I like your impressive work
Follow me as well

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author avatar smoothoperator
31st Jul 2010 (#)

You made me really think. What an Idea. Hope for the best.

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author avatar Nancy Hill
8th Aug 2010 (#)

Now I really think this is a good idea. For details about it, read my latest post titled "God Is Good".

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author avatar Retired
10th May 2012 (#)

Doctors can't fix everything in the human body. Because we were created by God. If we never get sick or died the world would even more crowded because more elderly people living on the earth then young folks.

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author avatar Ellen
15th Jul 2013 (#)

God has good ideas and knows what is for our highest good.

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author avatar Retired
15th Jul 2013 (#)

You are right because with God nothing is impossible.

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